There is a Bun in My Oven!!


Hello and welcome to my baby Blog!

Name: Alex
Age: 21
Pregnancy Stage: 13 weeks.

Long before I was pregnant or even thinking about having a baby of my own I loved to read & watch pregnancy and baby Blogs & Vlogs. After a YouTube binge session of watching EVERY baby related video I could find and catching up on all the pregnancy posts, I thought why don’t I give it a go? I have spoken to lots of girls who, like me, love to read these kinds of posts (even when they are not expecting) because they just find them interesting and let’s be honest babies are really cute!

I was due to go into my 3rd year of university in September however, as little baby is due in February I have decided to take a year out of my course and graduate in 2017 rather than 2016. Throughout my pregnancy and baby blog searches over the years, I have only ever found one other lady who has taken a year out of her studies to have her little one. When the time comes around and my little one is here and my last year of uni is in full swing I wanted to be able to share with other people who may find themselves in the same situation as me so that they have some idea of what to expect. If even one young lady reads my Blog and feels like it has helped them to make the best decision for them, whether it is drop out of uni, carry on, or just take a year out like me I would be very happy.

Another reason I would like to document my ‘baby journey’ is because it is like a little diary. My little one can read about how I felt throughout my journey because no doubt when they are old enough to be interested I will have forgotten all about pregnancy and childbirth. This way they can read for themselves about all the sickness, sleepless nights and dirty nappies we have battled through for them, and they might decide to put us in a nice home! My next post is going to be all about my first trimester, until then!