13 Week Pregnancy Update


How far along: 14 weeks today!

                          I am going to try and do them every Monday because that is the start of my new ‘pregnancy week’.

Days until due date: 182 days

My bump:
At the start of the week I was devastated because my belly seemed to be a lot flatter without the bloating but it has definitely expanded now. I’m still waiting for my belly to fill out from under my bra line as my bump is quite low at the moment!

Weight changes:
 7st 8

Measurements: I need to buy a measuring tape! I’ll get one for the next update.

Stretch marks? None at the moment, I’ve been using the Nivea Body In-Shower Lotion and lots of baby oil to moisturise.

Cravings: I wouldn’t say it was a craving because it is not like I have to have it but I have been loving oranges. I like fruit but I’ve never ate some every day until now. I like to think to myself that this cancels out the onion ring crisps I have been loving as well…

Sleep: Throughout the first 12 weeks I was SUPER tired at night and fell asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow (usually asleep by 10pm and slept until 9am the next day). However, this week I have been finding it harder to fall asleep at night but then again I make up for it the next day, if I’m not working, by staying in bed for most of the morning.
Symptoms: I was still sick a few mornings but on the plus side it isn’t every morning like it have been for the past 6 weeks, every cloud! I finally feel normal again now the full on morning sickness has gone, I can actually enjoy food other than plain, bland crackers hoorah. I have had lots of stretching pains this week, they are more painful when I am walking so I use that as excuse to sit on the sofa all day. Last thing I promise, my back has been sore on my right side and is even more painful when I walk, again.

Best moment this week: Me and Ash had a little date night this week, we went to this little chippy I love in Penrith and then to see bad education at the cinema. Ash works night shifts so we barely ever get to do anything like that anymore.

Worst moment this week: I really struggled to get to sleep on Saturday night when I was up at 6am for work. I felt like I had seen just about every hour go by on the clock and probably only got 2 hours sleep, an 8 hour shift was a total battle.

Miss anything? 
Having as much tea as I want! I am a complete tea wife and limiting my tea intake is soul destroying especially when now I feel normal again and it tastes so good. I am also missing eating all the cheese in the world, I LOVE ALL OF THE CHEESES.

Maternity clothes: I am in that awkward phase where I am too big for my old jeans and too small for the maternity ones I have bought. I have been using the old hairband on the jeans trick but this is getting uncomfortable as well. So, I am trying to wear leggings and long floaty tops. My maternity top for work came this week as well but it is massive, I mean massive, looks like I am wearing a giant purple tent.

Movement: None quite yet, I can’t wait though. 🙂

Gender: Don’t know yet our next scan is on the 5th of October (Only 1month and 11 days!).

Belly button in/out: In.

Mood: I have had a few sad days, the littlest comment that I can take the wrong way from Ash makes me cry, a lot. On the other hand I am so excited for our little one to be here. Thinking about the first time we get to hold him/her and their first Christmas makes me so excited I can barely stand to wait another minute.

Looking forward to: Me and Ash are both off next week and we are going to Southampton to visit his brother, sister in law (who is also due in Feb eeeekkk) and little nephew.

See you next week x