14 & 15 Week Pregnancy Update


15 weeks.

How far along: 15 weeks + 6 days.

Days until due date: 168 days.

My bump:
Seems to be rounding out a little bit over the past two weeks but still not very noticeable to other people (CRY CRY CRY).

Weight changes:
 7st 8 – still the same.

Measurements:  Still need to buy a measuring tape! I’ll get one for the next update?

Stretch marks? None at the moment, I’ve been using the Nivea Body In-Shower Lotion and lots of baby oil to moisturise.

Cravings: I wanted my mums home-made coleslaw for ages and ended up making it myself yesterday and it was everything I wanted it to be and more. I have also been wanting chips but they have to be from the chip shop with lots of vinegar on, yum.

Sleep: Lately I have been going back to the extremely sleepy phase. We have been away visiting family members and we were up talking until around half 12 and I can’t even describe how tired I was, it is beyond ridiculous. Plus when I get even the slightest bit tired I start to feel SO SICK.
Symptoms: Sickness still hasn’t stopped but it isn’t every morning just when I am really tired and hungry. This may be TMI but it happens so why shouldn’t I mention it? I’ve had some clear liquid leaking from my boobs this week so that was a really strange experience when I noticed that one! I have also had the worst lower back pain this week any kind of bending over makes every single movement excruciating. This last week I have been off work which has been a life saver but I am dreading going back to it now!

Best moment this week: I GOT ENGAGEDDDDDDD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My boyfriend fiancé proposed to me on our anniversary this week while we were in Southampton visiting his brother, sister in-law and nephew. It was one of the most amazing moments in my whole life and it’s so exciting knowing that we are going to be a proper family forever. I literally couldn’t be happier.


Worst moment this week: Working a 7-3 before we set off to Southampton on Sunday which is a 6 hour drive. It was so exhausting and it felt like everything that could go wrong was going wrong, it didn’t put me in the holiday mood at all!

Miss anything? 
Having medium/rare steak. I love steak. I also quite want a chicken salad  but I absolutely hate the texture (and everything else about it) of chicken at the moment.

Maternity clothes: Still in an awkward phase, I wore my maternity jeans the other day to travel in because they were the loosest piece of clothing I owned. They were massive though, they kept falling down every time I walked! You really can’t win.

Movement: I thought that I felt a little baby movement at some point this week but I’m not totally sure, I’ll keep you updated.

Gender: Don’t know yet our next scan is on the 5th of October (Only 28 days).

Belly button in/out: In.

Mood: After I got over my foul mood on Sunday after work and got into holiday mode I felt the best I have for a while. Spending some time with my other half without the stress of work was much needed and obviously after he proposed I have been on cloud nine!

Looking forward to: Hopefully some baby movements this week.

See you next week x