17 Week Pregnancy Update


17 week + 3 days.

How far along: 18 weeks.

Days until due date: 154 days.

My bump:
Getting bigger every day!

Weight changes: 7st 13 (+5lbs).

Stretch marks? Nope, not so far! Still using my Nivea Body In-Shower Lotion and putting on Palmers Cocoa Butter every night before bed over my belly, boobs, hips & back.

Cravings: Crisps, mainly beef space raiders. I went to Tesco and bought the 10 pack and had finished them not even 12 hours later, whoooooops. I watched one of Zoellas vlogs the other day and she had a McDonalds and I swear I thought of nothing else since for days and today finally I got a Big Mac and two lots of chips. It was A-mazing.

Sleep: My pregnancy pillow is my life saver as I’m still more tired than ever before. I literally cannot get enough of sleeping at the moment, but I am going to make the most of it because  I am sure come February I will be yearning for this much sleep.

Symptoms: My sickness has (FINALLY!!!!) completely gone so I am feeling really good at the moment, really enjoying pregnancy. My back pain hasn’t been too bad this week but I have definitely been trying to take it much easier also, work has been amazing with helping me and making things easier. Warning TMI to follow; I have experienced the old leaky boobs this week. That has been super weird and super delightful all at the same time. It hasn’t been a lot but it is so strange and it is kind of scary that it is only the beginning. The last thing this week has been the constant, and I mean constant, peeing. I pee when I brush my teeth and wash my face at night then I get into bed and not even 5 minutes later I feel like I am going to pee my pants. Prego Life is so glamorous.

Best moment this week: Definitely when I was sitting earlier today and could feel my little one wriggling away inside and when I put my hand over where I thought he/she was I felt baby kick my hand. It was the most amazing, special thing in the whole world. I just can’t wait for the kicks to get stronger and more frequent so that Ash can feel them too.

Worst moment this week: I didn’t get a lot of sleep before my 7-3 shift again the other morning and I was so so so tired at work I could barely cope. Once I finished I came home had a 4 hour nap, got up had some pizza and then went back to bed for 10 hours. I felt so crap and I hate wasting a day.

Miss anything? 
Having more choice of clothes, I am basically living in my leggings.

Maternity clothes: Living in leggings, long floaty tops and the cardigan that I told you I got last week. Comfort is my priority at the moment.

Movement: Definitely lots of movement towards the end of this week!! It is the strangest little feeling, little jabs here and there. I always thought that when people described baby movements as similar to butterflies or little rumblings that there must be more to it but there really is no other way better way to describe it. I still haven’t seen my belly move even though I spend most of my day staring at my belly like a hawk.

Gender: Don’t know yet, our next scan is on the 5th of October (Only 14 days). I am dying to know, I have no idea how people cope with waiting the whole nine months to find out because I literally cannot wait.

Belly button in/out: Still in.

Mood: Still feeling good and really enjoying my pregnancy.

Looking forward to:  More stronger and more frequent movements from the little one, I love them.

See you next week x