18 Week Pregnancy Update


How far along: 19 weeks.

Days until due date: 147 days.

My bump:
Getting bigger every day!

Weight changes: 7st 13 (+5lbs).

Stretch marks? Nope, not so far! Still using my Nivea Body In-Shower Lotion and putting on Palmers Cocoa Butter every night before bed over my belly, boobs, hips & back.

Cravings: I have been trying to eat more fruit and I only want to eat warm blueberries, I know warm blueberries. I have it in my head that they are more juicy when they are warm? I also made macaroni cheese the other day and I wanted LOADS of mustard on it, there was mustard in the sauce but I wanted it smothered in mustard. Lastly, quavers I love them.

Sleep: Not sleeping as much this month which is good but, my back is getting more painful as the bump gets bigger so that is making snoozing much more difficult!

Symptoms: Spoke too soon last week the sickness is back, wooooo hooooo loving life. As I mentioned before my back pain is getting a little worse but that is to be expected as the little one is now the size of a mango! Boobs are still leaking like crazy (and my nipples are killing) so I have invested in some nipple pads so roll on them arriving, it is the simple things in life these days.

Best moment this week: Me and Ash both being able to see the baby’s kick, it was pretty amazing now I can’t stop watching my belly.

Worst moment this week: Having a tiny bit of bleeding this week and ended up having to go up to the hospital that night, and then again the next morning to the maternity triage ward. The out of hours doctor I seen at night told me that I was having a threatened miscarriage and basically found the heartbeat, told me the baby was hanging in there, and sent me home. However, the next morning in the triage ward they were absolutely amazing they found out exactly what the cause of the bleeding was, and told me there was absolutely no signs of miscarriage, they said the baby seems perfectly healthy and is doing well. The time between leaving the hospital that night and hearing that the next day was like the most unbearable pain ever in my heart.

Miss anything? 
Goats cheese, I really want a goats cheese and walnut salad, as you do?

Maternity clothes: Living in leggings, long floaty tops and the cardigan that I told you I got last week. Comfort is my priority at the moment.

Movement: Lots of little movements and kicks, I’m so chuffed that we can see the little kicks now!

Gender: Don’t know yet, our next scan is on the 5th of October (Only 6 days). I am dying to know, I have no idea how people cope with waiting the whole nine months to find out because I literally cannot wait.

Belly button in/out: Still in.

Mood: Feeling a little sicker this week which gets me down sometimes but still really enjoying pregnant life.

Looking forward to:  Seeing more kicks!
See you next week x