21 Week Pregnancy Update

21 weeks

How far along:
22 weeks.

Days until due date:
126 days.

My bump:
Getting bigger every day!

Weight changes:
8st 4 (+9lbs total).

Stretch marks?
Nope, not yet still putting on Palmers Cocoa Butter every night before bed over my belly, boobs, hips & back.

Chocolate this week, I’ve had to send Ash out on a few emergency chocolate runs.

Sleep, what sleep? I did my first ever nightshift on Wednesday and it was awful. I haven’t been able to get back into a sleeping pattern back at all so I’m only falling asleep about 3.30 – 4am and getting up at 1pm! Which is a good long sleep but I just want to fall asleep at a decent time again so I can get up earlier than mid-day without feeling suicidal. Even if I force myself to get up early I still can’t fall asleep earlier at night so, I just exhaust myself and give myself a lie in to make up for it and we are back at square one!

Lots of nausea and sickness again. I went out for dinner last Sunday for a friends birthday and I was so sick. I woke up at 5.30am and spewed up all pasta (lovely!) and the whole of the next day I felt like complete crap so I just spent it in bed.

I have had the world’s worst backache this week. The only way I am able to describe it is comparing it to swallowing a ninja with a full knife kit and it has got stuck halfway down and every time I move it stabs me in the back for fun.

I had my flu jab a week ago and I thought I had got away without feeling crap for this winter, but I was oh so wrong. My throat has been killing, I have a very nasty cough and my face is so sore, it feels like an elephant is sitting on it (oh and don’t forget mention my ever running nose. Lucky, lucky me).

Finally, lets discuss my nipples which are like running taps at the moment that will not turn off. I have been looking through everybody else’s pregnancy updates in search of someone with the same leaky boob problems and NOBODY mentions it. I feel like I am the only pregnant person in the entire world whose boobs are off on some kind of leaky mission. I have got my nipple pads and sometimes I don’t want to go to bed with them stuck on my PJ top, that isn’t too much to ask is it? WELL let me tell you that it is a mistake, a massive mistake. I’m just lying in bed trying to sleep and all of a sudden I have a weird cold feeling on my belly/arm/sheet so I look down and boy have my boobs had a good time it’s bloody ridiculous. I can’t even describe how disgusted and violated I feel. THE JOYS.
Best moment this week:
Buying a snowsuit to bring Baby Boy home from the hospital, it is SO CUTE.


Worst moment this week:
Has to be night shift, I was cream crackered.

Miss anything?
Not moaning about everything and anything.

Maternity clothes:
My Maternity jeans I bought ages ago finally fit so they are my new favourite.

Lots and lots of movement from the little one, he’s a wriggler.


Belly button in/out:
Still in.

As you can probably tell from the amount of moaning in this post, I am feeling pretty crappy this week. The illness, sickness and pain is getting me down a little bit. It also upsets me that I’m supposed to be feeling the best in this trimester so I am completely dreading the next one and thinking of starting my maternity as early as possible.

Looking forward to: 
Hopefully getting over this flu.
See you next week x