Upset over Job Rejections & Money Anxiety

Today I had my first ever job interview since I found out I was pregnant. As you may have already guessed, it did not go too well which has made me really angry for a couple of reasons. Please don’t get the wrong impression of me and think that I believe everything should be handed to me on a plate. I had prepared myself for the fact that I may not get the job but the interview was, well half arsed on their part and when I was told I hadn’t been successful they gave me the most nonsensical reason. I know the interview was half arsed because I have worked for this company before, but at a different site, and I know that they didn’t ask me any of the questions they should have. In fact, they didn’t even ask about my time at the company before (I noted that I did on my application but they didn’t seem to have any notes with them). Actually, here is a list of things that they did not ask me which surprised me:

  • Who I work for now.
  • What kind of hours I work now
  • What kind of hours I could do.
  • My experience in retail.
  • Why I wanted to work for the company.
  • Why I would be an asset to the company.
  • They didn’t ask me to tell them a bit about myself.

You may be wondering what did they actually did ask me, and how they managed to waste 40 minutes of my life.  Well, firstly they were running 15 minutes late so that was majorly enjoyable. Then I went into the room and they told me that we would be doing a role play so they left me alone for 5 minutes to read through the situation and when the lady came back in I had to treat her as a customer. After that they left me alone for (I’m not kidding) around 15minutes to fill in a questionnaire of what they thought I did well and not so well in the role play. I did the exact same role play when I interviewed for the company the last time, and got the job, and gave the same answers. They came back and filled in another form so, they took my name, email address, and asked me if I was planning to leave my current job or work them both (it was only a Christmas temp position). They then left me alone, again, for a further 20 minutes (still not kidding) while they ‘called their section supervisor’. They then came back in and told me that I hadn’t been successful. There was no feedback on the role play, and going through the sheet I had filled in to say whether they agreed with what I had wrote or not. She offered to walk me out, which I declined, and that was that.

Now, I’m almost 23 weeks pregnant and my baby bump is not easy to hide. I am confident that this is why I did not get the job, and I know that they couldn’t come right out and say it because that’s discriminatory. I was never intending to hide the fact that I am expecting to them but there was literally no opportunity for me to tell them and explain to them how I am having a healthy pregnancy and it in no way affects my work. I’ve been doing normal shifts and night shifts at my current job for god’s sake, I can manage selling a few clothes. I had said to my other half before I went today that it is unlikely that they would employ someone who is pregnant, it shouldn’t be that way but we all know that it will go against you when you are trying to get  a job, apparently even if it is only temporary. I wouldn’t be as annoyed if they had just done the interview the way I know that it should have been done, if they had left no doubt in my mind as to why I didn’t get the job.

It has been a rather disheartening experience altogether and I wish that this wasn’t the way of the world. I know that money is going to be tight when the baby arrives and with Christmas just around the corner we really needed to bring in a little more. Now that my due date is less than 4 months away and we need to start getting the nursery completely organised I am starting to feel really anxious about the  money situation. The only reason I have had to look for another job over this period is because not long after I found out I was pregnant my company decided to make some hour cuts across our cluster of hotels and that means I lose one shift every 6 weeks and there is no chance at all of picking up any extra hours, as I was promised when I first took on the job. I really don’t have good luck in employment at the moment do I?

Have any of you had this anxiety before the birth of your first baby, and does it just worsen the more children you have? I would really love to hear if you have any tips on getting some temporary employment when pregnant or if you have experienced something similar.

Once again I apologise for all of the moaning, I will try and do a happier post next week haha.

Love Alex x

One thought on “Upset over Job Rejections & Money Anxiety

  1. Hugs.
    That is tough. All I can say is how enjoyable would it be for you to work at a place with such people?
    That doesn’t really help though.
    I can tell you that when I was pregnant, that I had a full time job and was told I would be promoted to supervisor. When my condition became known, someone else got to be supervisor. I complained to the general manger, owner and after no satisfaction, finally the state discrimination board. I was told no discrimination had taken place. The final straw was when after this determination, the general manager actually said to me “Everyone knows women don’t come back to work once they have their baby.”
    The stress did me in and I was ordered on bed rest with 3 months left in my pregnancy. Since I didn’t have any short term benefits, I had to move in with family, as I couldn’t afford my rent without any income.
    But then something great happened. I applied to a job and they called me for an interview. I ended up giving birth the week of the interview, and they left the interview period open longer, just for me. I got the job and working there was great for my career. I loved that job.
    When one door closes…

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