24 Week Pregnancy Update


How far along:
25 weeks.

Days until due date:
105 days.

My bump:
Getting bigger every day and starting to feel pretty heavy.

Weight changes:
8st 7 (+12lbs total).

Stretch marks?
Nope, not yet still putting on Palmers Cocoa Butter every night before bed over my belly, boobs, hips & back.

Bolognese with lots of tomatoes and cheese. I made a Bolognese pasta bake and it was SO good.


Still sleeping loads, I’ve not been able to fall asleep until about 2am but I don’t wake up naturally for like 12 hours. It makes me a little disappointed in myself but it’s okay because I’m growing a person don’t you know?

Heartburn. I have been expecting you. Finally, the dreaded heartburn has arrived that sees pregnant women permanently attached to a bottle of Gaviscon. I mainly get it at night and it hasn’t gotten so bad that I felt like I needed to take anything for it so far. Fingers Crossed!

Best moment this week:
Nothing really stands out this week, it has been a quiet one for us.

Worst moment this week:
Ash works night shifts and I missed him and felt really lonely this week.


Miss anything?
Blue Cheese. I made Chicken stuffed with cheese wrapped in bacon this week and I had to have plain old boring cheddar cheese in the chicken. It’s a hard knock life.

Maternity clothes:
No new ones but I did find an old dress in the back of my wardrobe which isn’t maternity but is super super comfy for bump and I.


His movements are feeling a lot stronger and I am starting to see him move now which is creepy but I love it. I always lie for half an hour at night in bed (that is when he is most active) and just watch him rolling around in my belly.


Belly button in/out:
It is slowly changing shape and getting flatter so it is definitely on its way to popping.

Like I said earlier I felt quite down and lonely this week, but I think that is just because of how my shifts have fallen at work and I had 7 days off in a row. So I’ve just put it down to the boredom. Still every time I am bored and lonely it just makes me more and more excited for my baby to be here. I am sure I will be missing this quiet time then, Ash has told me to make the most of it for now 🙂

Looking forward to: 
We got antenatal classes booked at the hospital this week and they start in the first week in December, and I can’t wait because it all means we are getting closer and closer.
See you next week x