My 1st Trimester Essentials


Hello! As I am coming closer to the end of my second trimester I was talking with my other half the other day about when we first found out I was pregnant, and how poorly sick I was in my first trimester. Even though I still get some nausea it is nowhere near as bad as it used to be at the beginning, and it made me wonder how on earth I made it through it! Well, I have had a little think about it and put together my 10 first trimester essentials.

1. Strawberry Toothpaste.


This is genuinely the exact toothpaste I used in my first trimester haha! It might seem a little bit strange but I absolutely hated anything minty, I couldn’t stand the smell let alone try and brush my teeth. I gagged every single time I even tried. So, we went to Tesco and picked up this little gem which made all the difference.

2. Iced Lolly. 7643648644_663b162830_z When I was being sick the last thing I wanted to do was eat and drink and a friend of mine who is also pregnant told me to try having ice lollies. At one point this was probably all that kept me hydrated.

3. Comfortable Underwear.

I never really had sore boobs like you hear everybody say is a major symptom in their first trimester. However, all my bras soon began to shrink and I hated wearing them. I picked up a couple of these Crop Top Bras from Matalan and I have lived in them ever since. Some people say that they need an underwire bra but I just couldn’t have anything uncomfortable or tight around my stomach or I would spew. The most important thing in pregnancy is comfort so, I picked up some pants which don’t exactly scream Victorias Secret model but they are comfy!

4. Pjs. download I haven’t made a secret of my love for Pjs but they were literally all I wore in my first trimester. I couldn’t get out of bed some days so it was essential that I had plenty of extra clean Pjs to avoid being a total tramp.

5. Dry Shampoo. batiste-dry-shampoo-2000x2000 Sticking with the ‘not being able to get out of bed’ theme. My showers were very much short and sweet because once I had been in for a while the heat began to make me feel faint and even more sick so, dry shampoo was my saviour when I had to drag myself to the shop or work.

6. Skincare. 0001018104031_500X500

The only thing that I made an effort to do was smother my belly with cocoa butter. I know that stretch marks don’t usually come until later in your pregnancy but I felt like I needed to be ahead of the game.

7. Snacks.

This is basically what my diet consisted. I only ever wanted things that were dry and plain so big meals were off the cards. The midwife told me that you just have to eat whatever you can manage while you are being sick. Once I had finished all of my spewing of the day (usually around dinner time) I could usually manage some toast. Clementines, crisps and bananas would keep me going for the rest of the day (If you have never tried that Scottish Loaf though you need to, it is SO GOOD).

8. Pregnancy Books or Apps. What-to-Expect-When-Youre-Expecting You will have a lot of questions, worries and concerns racing through your mind when it begins to sink in that your life is never going to be the same again. I spent a lot of time reading through books checking that everything I felt was normal and wondering how the hell you do this parenting thing! Apps are also amazing sources of information and some of them tell you how big your baby is every week, which really helped me get excited. I remember at the start baby was the size of a sesame seed and then grew to the size of a plum, then an APPLE, and at the moment he is the size of a Papaya. They grow up so fast!

9. Water. a01708 Even though I never wanted to drink water, once I did I started to feel a lot better. It would always be easier to drink when it was ice cold though so I suggest buying bottles of water and storing them all in the fridge so they are good to go.

10. An understanding, supportive other half.

I probably wouldn’t have made it through if it wasn’t for my lovely fiancé. On the days when I couldn’t get out of bed he would always nip to the shop for me if there was a particular craving I had. He would bring me water, crisps, anything I needed to me in bed while I tried to sleep off all the headaches and sickness . I also had to take some time off work when it was particularly bad, and I don’t bring in a lot of money as it is, but he never once made me feel guilty or bad about it and just wanted me to feel better. While I was feeling this crappy I was probably the worst company in the world but he managed to stay with me and still love me despite it all.Plus, he sometimes stroked my hair which makes me feel a million times better.  I feel very lucky to have found a man this amazing.

Bye bye! x

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3 thoughts on “My 1st Trimester Essentials

  1. I found you on Instagram feed and started following you. It’s really nice to read pregnancy blogs, since being in the same situation 🙂 It’s funny how you’ve been using that strawberry toothpaste, maybe I should try it too cause I gag almost every time I brush my teeth (especially the back teeth :D). Lovely that your spouse is so supportive. I’ve been feeling pretty well but complaining about my gaining weight and look in the mirror. It’s nice that my spouse always says it’s the baby who does all this and I’m not ugly. 🙂

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    1. Aww I am glad that you have enjoyed reading the Blog now and again 🙂
      You should definitely try it, I still struggle sometimes with the mint toothpaste, it’s the worst. I’ve been feeling really big this week and not enjoying what I see in the mirror but it’s all going to be worth it in the end! x


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