27 Week Pregnancy Update



How far along:
28 weeks.


Days until due date:
84 days.

My bump:
Feels so big and heavy now. The midwife measured the bump at my appointment this week and he is measuring in the 90 percentile which is a little scary.


Weight changes:
Not sure again this week, I have yet to buy a new set of scales.


Stretch marks?
Nope, not yet still putting on Palmers Cocoa Butter every night before bed over my belly, boobs, hips & back.


Milky Stars mmmmmmm.


I’ve been struggling a little this week with heartburn at night which makes it really hard to relax. I also keep waking up in the middle of the night so, so, SO hungry but I refuse to get out of bed and eat at 4am. On the plus side, my back pain hasn’t been nearly been as bad this week.


I have had more pain across my belly this week, I did ask the midwife about it and she said that it is probably just my muscles stretching more and more but if I ever get it with sickness to phone a midwife immediately.

My back still aches a little but it is more bearable this week because I don’t feel like I need paracetamol to make it through the day anymore.

The heartburn at night is starting to get a little unbearable, I looked for something to help at the shop tonight but I couldn’t find anything. I will have to take a trip to the pharmacy this week and finally get something to help.

Constant hunger. I wake up hungry in the middle of the night, I get it during the day too but it is never just feeling a little hungry, I feel STARVING even if I just had a big mean an hour ago.



Best moment this week:
Having a nice quiet evening with Ash this weekend, he has been working overtime the past couple of weeks to bring in a little bit more money for Christmas and it has been hard to spend any time together.


Worst moment this week:
I had the worst pain across my belly when I got out of bed yesterday and I was in so much pain waddling my way round Aldi.

Miss anything?
Being able to walk up the stairs without getting out of breath.


Maternity clothes:
FINALLY, I have ordered some new maternity jeans from H&M and I can’t wait for them to arrive.


He has been giving me some big kicks in the side at night this week which has took me by surprise because they were so strong and a little painful. I’ve also been feeling his little baby hiccups which are the cutest.


Baby Boy 🙂


Belly button in/out:
Still in but It is on its way to popping out for sure.


I’ve been good this week but really looking forward to starting my maternity in 4 weeks, the belly pain has been getting a little bit too unbearable at night.


Looking forward to: 
My first antenatal class tomorrow.
See you next week x