What I ate Wednesday



  • This morning I had Quaker Oats So Simple Golden Syrup with a sprinkle of Brown Sugar. Usually I have strawberries or blueberries with my oats but, we didn’t have any left so instead I had an apple.
  • I’ve been having a glass of fresh orange juice every morning to get Vitamin C into my body because I realised I wasn’t having enough.
  • Finally, I can’t start the day without a nice strong cup of tea. I don’t have sugar in my tea, just a splash of milk.


  • I always get hungry again really soon after my first breakfast so I had some toast before getting ready for the day.
  • I know brown toast is better for you but I just can’t stand it! I’m also a bit of a  freak and I hate it when butter melts into my toast so, I leave it to cool and then butter my toast… don’t judge me.



  • For lunch today I had a three egg cheese omelette with three smoked bacon rashers.
  • I’m trying to have water or juice with my dinner instead of tea because I’ve not been so good at keeping myself hydrated.



  • I had an orange to keep me going when getting ready for antenatal class, these always help when I’m feeling a little bit sick.
  • I took a melon snack pack to have when we got out of antenatal class but, I forgot to take a picture of it because I was too busy shovelling it in my mouth (An hour and a half of listening is hungry work).
  • We stopped at Sainsburys on the way home and I picked up a flake and had it with a cuppa in bed to reward myself



  • For dinner I had Ham & Mushroom Tagliatelle which led to a full blown discussion with Ash about how much I love pasta and how easy it is to make. I should live in Italy for sure.


  • I hope this was somewhat interesting for you.
  • Doing this post definitely made me think a lot more about what I should choose to eat.
  • However, I can see that I definitely still have improvements to make in my diet:
  • I think my dinner definitely let me down and affected the nutrition figures big time.
  • Next week I am going to try and make a healthy cooked meal before we shoot off to antenatal class because by the time we got home I was just so hungry I needed something quick and easy.
  • It is definitely hard to eat healthily when you have things to do and you leave the house at 5.45 and don’t get home until after 9 at night.
  • My goal for the next ‘What I ate Wednesday’ is to improve on these figures and bring down my Fat & Carbohydrate intake.

See you next week x

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  1. I really like the idea of doing WIAW to be more aware of what we’re eating. 🙂 Btw, I love your plates, they’re so cute!


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