My 2nd Trimester Essentials

Where has the time gone? I am in my third trimester already, can you believe it?! I recently posted my first trimester essentials, so it is only fair that I should do it for my second too. The second trimester has definitely been a lot more pleasant than the first, my morning sickness (mostly) disappeared and my bump appeared.

1) Flattering Maternity Jeans


When my old jeans started to get a little tight I originally bought these New Look Maternity jeans from ASOS. They didn’t really start to fit properly until I was around 20 weeks pregnant and even then they still didn’t look that good. I wore them all the time because they are comfy but I don’t think that they are good quality or very flattering. When you are pregnant and watching your body change drastically in such a short amount of time, I think it is important to treat yourself to some jeans which will make you feel and look good. I recently purchased this pair of maternity jeans from H&M and I feel a whole lot more confident.

2) Pregnancy Pillow


This is my amazing and wonderful pregnancy pillow. Ash bought this for me (because I kept stealing his pillow to put between my legs) when I was about 16 weeks pregnant and we have been inseparable ever since. I won’t lie to you, your other half is going to hate it because once you have cocooned yourself in the safety of your pillow at night, they can’t get anywhere near you. Even though I have had back pain recently at night I know that it would have been much worse if I didn’t have this pillow. AND I have never had aching hips after sleeping which can be a common complaint among pregnant women.

3) Moisturiser

I thought that my skin was just taking a hit from the colder weather and the fact that I was blasting the central heating but, apparently it is really common for your skin to become dry in pregnancy. We can thank those pesky hormones once again for this glamorous symptom (I read about it here). So, I treated myself to the Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Overnight Hydrating Masque & Ultra Facial Moisturizer. These products cost a little bit more than what I would usually spend on  a moisturiser but I can’t put into words how grateful I am that I invested just that little bit more money. The moisturizer is lightweight, hydrating and my make up sits perfectly on top of it but the overnight masque is the real life saver. I had been researching lots of overnight masks for a while when I read about this one on A Model Recommends Blog post and decided to try it out for myself. I only use it once every two weeks and it leaves my skin looking and feeling amazingly hydrated the next morning. You definitely need to try it if your skin is suffering because of this pregnancy symptom or the winter weather.

4) Bath Time Essentials


 If you get aches and pains half as bad as me then you will be spending a lot more time in the bath over the next few months. So, it is important that you have some products to make it more of a relaxing experience, even if you need a helping hand in and out of the bath (thanks Ash 🙂 ). I love lush bath bombs, they are just my favourite things in the whole world. I’m not massively into bubbles, I would rather put something in the bath that will make my skin feel soft and look glittery.

Every time I have a bath I light a few candles and put my laptop on to watch a programme on or just catch up on YouTube videos with a face mask on. It is heaven. Plus, baby boy loves to wriggle around when I’m in there so I love to just sit and watch all the bumps and kicks on my belly.

See you next time x