28 & 29 Weeks Pregnancy Update




How far along:
29 weeks & 6 days.


Days until due date:
71 days.

My bump:
Expanding every day and getting super heavy.


Weight changes:
I still have no scales, which is probably a good thing.


Stretch marks?
Still none so far I’m feeling very lucky! I heard a tip of putting baby oil on straight out the shower and then patting yourself dry. I don’t know if it prevents stretch marks but it makes my skin super soft.


Cheese & onion toasties.


I have been sleeping a little better over the past two weeks. The heartburn has subsided again and Ash has been off work the past week and got me into a really good sleeping pattern, no more waking up at 1pm ashamed! However, I did experience cramp for the first time in my life this week, it woke me up at 5am. I’m not joking I thought my leg was going to fall off and I now have sympathy for any cramp sufferers out there.


The usual backache, leaking boobs and tight belly. I’m going to talk to my manager when I am next in work as I am really struggling with some of the jobs at the moment and come home pretty much unable to walk. Roll on maternity leave, I only have 5 more shifts left wooo hoooo! Ash got me a birthing ball for my birthday and it really does help with back & hip aches and pains.


Best moment this week:
I have had quite a few this week, it was birthday on Tuesday and Ash took me to Penrith where we had tea and cake in the morning and then chips for dinner. I also had tea at my Dads this week which was lovely, and we put the Christmas tree up!

Worst moment this week:
The city I live in was flooded really badly last weekend. Although we were extremely lucky not to be affected, it is heart breaking to see families who have lost everything just before Christmas for the second time in 10 years. My heart goes out to them all.



Miss anything?
I wish that I could just do little jobs, like hoovering, cleaning or working without being a massive moan because I am in so much pain.


Maternity clothes:
I have my new maternity jeans (although they are not the colour I ordered) and I bought a few jumpers from ASDA with some of my birthday money the other day.


Lots of movements again this week, I love it when Ash can see and feel him moving too. I’m just excited to see what he looks like now!




Belly button in/out:
It is half in, half out and very strange to look at.


I am feeling really good this week, sometimes the constant aches and pains can make me feel a little bit down but I feel my little boy wriggle and I know that I have nothing to be sad about. I get annoyed at the fact my work load hasn’t changed in the past few months and I haven’t had a risk assessment in about as long but I am going to talk to my boss on Monday and I hope that will ease the stress.


Looking forward to: 
Hearing baby’s heartbeat again at the next midwife appointment. Every 3 weeks feels like a lifetime, I want to hear it every day!


Look at these cute shoes I bought last week:


See you next week x