30 Week Pregnancy Update


How far along:
30 weeks & 6 days.

Days until due date:
64 days.

My bump:
Feels super big but according to midwife it is measuring a little small.


Weight changes:
I still have no scales, which is probably a good thing.

Stretch marks?
Still none so far I am feeling very lucky! I heard a tip of putting baby oil on straight out the shower and then patting yourself dry. I don’t know if it prevents stretch marks but it makes my skin super soft.

Really, really cold milk. I drank it at first to help my heartburn but now I can’t get enough of it.

Still sleeping really good. I wake up once for a wee but I am so tired when I get back into bed that I don’t have a problem falling straight back asleep so it does not bother me. I still have a little bit of heartburn but milk really helps we have been going through pints of the stuff.

I had a bit of a dizzy spell on Tuesday. I woke up in the middle of the night for a wee and I literally couldn’t walk in a straight line but I put that down to being tired. Then when I woke up 4 hours later the room was still spinning and I felt so sick. It did go away around dinner time but it still was really horrible. The midwife said it was probably low blood pressure and told me to keep biscuits or a banana by the bed to keep my blood pressure up.

Morning sickness is back big time, I’m sick most mornings again but it goes away after I have some breakfast so I don’t mind too much.

After a shift at work I tend to get a backache, proper sore shins and also really tired. I used to be able to manage a 3pm-11pm way better than a 7am-3pm shift but now I’m falling asleep at the desk at 8 at night.

Best moment this week:
Getting to listen to baby’s heartbeat for a whole half an hour at the hospital and the relief of knowing that everything was okay with him. I had noticed a reduction in his movements this week and went up to the maternity ward but they were amazing and made sure he was in perfect health and that I felt reassured he was okay.

Also, my pregnant buddy had her little baby girl this week, congratulations Eva!

Worst moment this week:
I had a bit of a down day on Wednesday after the midwife told me baby was measuring small and booking me in for a growth scan. However I asked the lovely people of Instagram if they had ever had growth scans and that I was feeling a little anxious and everyone made me feel 1000 times better by reassuring me that it was more than likely nothing serious and just a precaution from the midwife’s perspective. I was also upset that the scan was 3 weeks away as I felt that this would be a long, long time if something was wrong but the lovely midwife at the hospital changed my appointment to next Tuesday so I feel a little less anxious.

Miss anything?
We had to choose what we wanted for a free dinner we are getting at work next week and I really wanted the steak but I hate them being cooked well done so I had to settle for the turkey.

Maternity clothes:
Nothing new this week. My manager did say that I could wear my leggings for my last 3 shifts at work so I am proper buzzin’.

After the midweek slump in movement and panic he has been a proper wriggler ever since. Even massive kicks in the ribs which made me scream in pain a little but I don’t care as long as he is okay.

He loves it when I am in the bath the warm water makes him wriggle a lot.



Belly button in/out:
It is half in, half out and very strange to look at.

I have had quite a few mood swings this week. One minute I am on cloud nine and couldn’t be happier but the next I’m down in the dumps, feeling sorry for myself curled up on the sofa and I don’t want to talk to anyone. With all the hormones mood swings will be quite usual for pregnant women but I have just noticed it a little more this week and I don’t like it. I feel like I should be happy all the time with my healthy baby boy bopping around inside of me. I hope the Christmas spirit picks me up this week!

Looking forward to: 

See you next time x

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