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I know that a lot of people think that you do not need a Moses Basket. However, we have decided that it would be the right option for us for the first few months of baby’s life. Our bedroom doesn’t have a lot of room and moving the cot in there for a while would just not be convenient. I have also decided not to have a crib because with a Moses Basket I can buy two stands and have one upstairs and one downstairs. That way I can just carry the basket downstairs so that he will be downstairs with me  during the day while he sleeps. Here are some of my favourites so far, if you have any of them or you recommend one in particular please let me know!


The White Company: Classic Moses Basket £75

download (1)

Argos: Shnuggle White Moses Basket with White Covers and Mattress £74.99


John Lewis: Sheep Moses Basket in Grey £75

download (2)

ASDA: Kinder Valley White Waffle Wicker with Bow Detail £44

download (3)

ASDA: Kinder Valley White Wish Upon a Star Palm Moses Basket £27

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2 thoughts on “Moses Basket Want List

  1. We had a Moses basket when Darcey was tiny but will definitely be buying a co-sleeping add-on instead next time. I didn’t trust the Moses overly, and didn’t feel they were massively sturdy or safe, and she also outgrew it at 12 weeks but I did like the convenience of having two stands like you’ve suggested. I think we’ll probably use a PoddlePod down stairs and a co-sleeper upstairs when we decide it’s time for Baby 2! Xx (love the John Lewis design though!)

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  2. Aww, these are so cute! We have the room for a crib so we’re going right to using that from the beginning (with the mattress as high as it goes and the bars as low as they go so it’s easy for me to pick baby up). As far as baby sleeping/being with me wherever I am in the house, I’m actually going to use an idea I saw on Pinterest a LONG time ago – a laundry basket! You fill a rectangular laundry basket with a few blankets and you’ve got a portable bed. 😀 I do love Moses baskets, though; they’re so white, simple and clean looking. XO

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