31 Week Pregnancy Update

How far along:
32 Weeks.

Days until due date:
56 days.

*Sighs* It has been one of those weeks this week.

First of all we had our growth scan on Tuesday at the hospital. It was amazing seeing my baby boy again, and in even more detail this time. You could see his face so clearly and his eyelashes, even the hair on the nape of his neck it was honestly hands down one of the best things I have ever seen in my WHOLE life. However, on the scan he was still looking a little small for this stage. That means we have to go back to the hospital this week for a scan to check the blood flow from the cord to baby and then again in January to compare his growth from this scan to check that he is growing at a steady rate.


See if you can make out his little chubby face.

I haven’t been feeling good this week at all. I had been feeling really tired and run down a couple of days before Christmas but I just put it down to being heavily pregnant! Then on Christmas day my back was in pieces and I was an emotional wreck. I spent Christmas with my dad and step mum at home but all I wanted all day was to come back to my own bed and just sleep so I cried basically all day because of it. Then on boxing day I was back to work and I felt fine before I went in. When I got there I had the worst pain across my stomach and I was so hot, I opened all the windows and stood outside in the pouring rain and I was still sweating. My top was stuck to my back, it was really beautiful, and I was just violently sick. Unfortunately I had to stay at work for another 6 hours because there was nobody who could cover me , it was actual torture. My stomach pain for worse as the nights went on so when I EVENTUALLY left work I phoned the Maternity ward and went up to hospital to get checked over. They put me and baby on the belt monitor things and the doctor came in to see me. She thought it was indigestion (I mean, what?!) and was ready to send me home but eventually I managed a pee sample and it had protein, ketones and something else in it? Turns out it was a UTI which has been making me feel so sick, I knew it couldn’t have been indigestion, and so now I have some antibiotics to help. Though I am still feeling pretty sick but hopefully it won’t last too much longer.


This is me looking super glamorous and sweaty. Ash loves taking pics of me when I am at my best…

It hasn’t all been bad this week though, it was Christmas after all and even though I was poorly and had to work it was still lovely to have that time with family, but I am just so excited for next year to have my baby and see his face on Christmas day when Santa has been. I am also interested to see how my Christmas dinner compare next year when I try and cook it for my little family myself for the first time in my life.

You aren’t allowed to judge me and Ash for wearing matching Christmas jumpers, it is supposed to be cute!


Baby Tyson sent his Dad a card just in time for Christmas, he didn’t have any help at all…


I had two meals at the start of the week and found this old dress in my cupboard it was from ASOS a while ago, it isn’t a maternity dress but it does sit perfectly over my bump and it is comfy!

This was me before and after work on Christmas Eve ( So pretty, haha). As soon as I get home its joggers on, belly out and sticky toffee pudding time!

See you next time x

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4 thoughts on “31 Week Pregnancy Update

  1. Cool that you’ve seen the eyelashes of your baby, I want to see my baby’s too! But in case there’s no need, I won’t see her before labour (now 25 weeks) :/ Pregnancy is really frustrating i think, you’re worried about the baby and then you suffer from all kinds of symptoms. I hope you will start feeling better! I’m currently suffering from flu and headache (already since yesterday afternoon). However, pregnancy is still unbelievable and the end result the best


    1. We had another growth scan today and we seen all of his hair sticking up off his head it was really cute.
      I always thought it was really harsh that you don’t get another scan as standard after 20 weeks, it is such a long wait to see your little one. Thank you, I do feel a lot better but these growth scans stress me out because he doesn’t grow as he “should”. I hope that you are feeling a lot better now, flu hits you ten times as hard when you’re pregnant I think. x


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