32 Week Pregnancy Update

32 Weeks front32 Weeks Side

How far along:
32 Weeks+ 6 days.

Days until due date:
50 days.

It has been quite a busy week for baby and I this week. We went to hospital on Tuesday for a Doppler scan (this measures the blood flow from the cord to the baby) and we got some high PI flow readings, which meant that I would have to come back for a CTG trace on Thursday. The lady who did our Doppler scan is amazing, she is so lovely and we have seen her a few times now. However, she told us really quickly in the hallway that if at the next Doppler scan the reading was still high the doctors would likely give me steroids to mature the baby’s lungs and talk about early delivery.

I won’t lie to you I went into major panic mode, I came home and ordered everything for my hospital bag and my Moses Basket! So, on Thursday we went back for the CTG trace (we were booked in for 10am and didn’t get seen until 11.30am, I was somewhat annoyed) and the midwife that seen us was basically clueless.

She opened with “so tell me why you are here today” which took me by surprise. I thought that this was really serious and a lot was depending on this trace and I had hundred of questions for her! After I explained the situation to her she basically brushed it all off and just said “well you are little so I imagine you will have a little baby, I don’t know why they sent you for a growth scan”. If she had bothered to look at my notes she will see that it looked like baby hadn’t grown at all in 3 weeks not that he was ‘just a bit small’.

She did the trace and said that everything looked good there but she was going to send me for another Doppler scan because I seemed a bit worried and panicked, who wouldn’t with her looking after you?! The PI flow results of the second Doppler scan were so much better than the first and I went home feeling a whole lot better. Now we are just waiting for the next growth scan which is on the 11th January to check that baby is growing at a steady rate, fingers crossed!

This is how my beautiful Moses Basket arrived this week. Our neighbour took it in for us while we were at the hospital on Thursday which is good because I think I would have killed whoever put that box in front of me how the way I was feeling. It is safe to say that I was pretty upset that my fragile parcel arrived battered and upside down.

It looks a whole load better outside of the box and there was no damage to it at all, which the DPD guys should be thankful for. Imagine upsetting a lady who is 8 months pregnant.

I can’t stop staring at the basket and imagining my baby boy in there which isn’t too far away now!

Bouncy Ball 3

I have been really suffering with back pain this week so I am spending a lot of time sitting on my bouncy ball which definitely helps, if you don’t have one you really need to get one.

I have been trying to spend a lot more time on the ball to encourage baby to move down, my friend who had her baby a week early swears by it!

32 Weeks 4

My belly and my baby boy feel a whole lot bigger this week. Baby’s movements are definitely a whole lot stronger now, it is really painful when he moves a certain way and I am getting feet in my ribs constantly at night which is making it more difficult to fall asleep. I am still lucky with my sleep though, I only wake up once in the night for a pee but I get a good 8 hours a night which I can’t complain about at all.

I am on maternity now from work now which is amazing because I would definitely be struggling with tiredness and back pain.

As far as cravings go I have been loving BBQ sauce with everything, I’ve never been a fan of it before but all of a sudden I can’t get enough. I am still loving really cold milk as well, I drink it all. day. long.

See you next time x

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