33 Week Pregnancy Update


How far along:
33 Weeks+ 6 days.

Days until due date:
43 days.

It’s been pretty quiet compared to last week,no scans or hospital appointments this week. I did have a midwife appointment on Wednesday but she didn’t really do much because all of my care is being done at the hospital at the moment. She was good to talk to though about the growth scans because she just sat with us and explained everything and all of the things that could happen.

She measured my fundal height just for her curiosity which was still way under the line on the chart. I can not wait for my growth scan tomorrow to know how he is growing and so that we have a better idea of what is going on with baby and we can start to plan properly, I feel in limbo at the moment.

My baby bump is definitely feeling a lot bigger this week especially when I am walking anywhere or trying to pick something off the floor. Ash now has to put my socks on and tie my shoelaces for me, poor guy, I just can not reach. Although when I lie down my bump still seems to disappear quite a bit (sad face). There is a line starting to appear down the centre of my belly, I thought that it was too late to get it but apparently not. It is very weird and squint, why is it squint?

Bump has been pretty active this week, the movements have definitely changed. I don’t really get kicks anymore, I feel him rolling around and digging his feet way under my ribs and his hands (or something) behind my hip. I’ve had many moments this week where I have screamed in pain because they take me by surprise and they hurt, they hurt a lot.

My back also hurts a lot.
The best way that I can describe the pain is when you swallow something and it goes down the wrong pipe and you feel like it is stuck in your back. I have spent most of my life in bed this week with tea, chocolate, paracetamol, a hot water bottle, and my favourite pillow in the whole wide world.


We went on a walk today and I had the worst belly pain near the end of the walk. I can only describe this one as a permanent stitch the whole way across the bottom of my belly and when the baby moved it was ONE MILLION times worse. I came home and jumped straight in the bath which really helped and now I have set up camp for the night in bed, once again.

My hospital bag is pretty much packed, all of my things are in there and ready but I am just finishing washing the last of baby’s clothes to pop in the bag.

image1xxl (2)

My baby shower is next Sunday and I am SO SO SO SO SO SO SO excited because  there is going to be cake and tea, which is my favourite!

I bought this dress to wear, I think I seen a picture of someone wearing something similar to their shower and it is stretchy enough to fit me, bump and cake in there!

See you next time x