What I Ate Wednesday

I’m getting pretty good at this regular Blog post business now!

This week I have been trying to get a few more calories into my diet, Ash told me off for not having enough which last week showed. Don’t worry he isn’t a bossy boots he has a degree relating to nutrition and he is a certified personal trainer. I always show him when I record my food and ask him what I should improve on for the next time.

Here goes:



I top my weetabix with milk and put them in the microwave for 2 minutes until they go all mushy. Ash thinks it is really weird (he says its a Scottish thing) that I heat them up but, I swear they taste so good.

I had a cup of tea this morning too but I forgot to take a picture before I drank it (it was real good). I used to drink tea non stop but I have tried not to have a lot of caffeine since I got pregnant, for most of the day if I fancy a drink I try and have either water or juice.



Straight after Breakfast I put some Jacket potatoes in the oven for Ash and I.

I rubbed them in olive oil and rock salt and then put them in the oven for about 2.5 hrs. I love baked potatoes but I don’t have them very often because it has to be a planned meal, you can’t just pop them in the oven when you are hungry.

After 2 hours I cut the potato open and put lots of butter and cheese on them, then I pop them back in the oven for the rest of the time and allow it to fully melt. I wanted to have coleslaw with them but we haven’t been shopping this week so I just topped them with ham.



It was fish day again! I may have to swap up the days each week so that I’m not just having fish every What I ate Wednesday. This week I had a haddock fillet with brown rice, tomatoes and cucumber.



I had some honeydew melon between breakfast and lunch. If you have never had it you really should because it is really juicy and delicious.

It is two different colours because my fridge just loves to freeze everything in it no matter how much we turn it down, which I love…

I had a craving for dairy milk for a couple of days and finally it has been satisfied. So, I took myself off to bed at 8pm (rock and roll) with some milk and chocolate.

I had my Pregnacare Vitamin with dinner like every day.

Then I had a packet of Doritos before I went to sleep because I was feeling really sick at bed time again. It is a mixture of heartburn and sickness, and it really frightens me that I’m going to be sick (I think I’ve developed a phobia because I was sick so much) so I grab something quick to settle my stomach.

I have about 3 pints of water during the day as well but I don’t take pictures of them because they are pretty boring.

Well I failed at attempting to eat more calories this week. It gives me something to improve on next time.


See you next time x

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  1. My appetite since I got pregnant has been outrageous. I’m hungry all day (and in the middle of the night).


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