34 Week Pregnancy Update


How far along:
35 Weeks.

Days until due date:
35 days.

We started the week off with our 2nd growth scan at the hospital. At the first one baby was on the 10th percentile line but at this one he dropped down to the 5th percentile line. So, that means that we will be meeting with the consultant this week (Friday) for the next growth scan. She did explain that he will now decide on a care plan for me and may talk about induction at 37 weeks if his growth hasn’t improved but, then again he might just carry on with weekly Doppler scans and bi-weekly growth scans. We had a Doppler scan today and all the results from that were okay so things are looking good!

My maternity leave boredom reached a whole new level this week when I decided I was going to play FIFA with Ash. It is definitely not a good thing because I’m very competitive and loosing makes me pretty mad, to be fair to me though he has been playing it for years…


On Saturday afternoon it started snowing here and it did not stop until the early hours of Sunday morning. I usually love the snow but I was pretty upset because a few family and friends could no longer make it to my baby shower on the Sunday, which I completely understood and would hate for anyone to put themselves in a position they were uncomfortable with for me, but I was a little sad as I was obviously excited to see everyone. 

Firstly, how cute is my little elephant buddy?

The lady who made the cake for my shower said that her son named him Ed. She made the cake exactly how I wanted and it looks exactly as I had imagined I was so pleased with it, I can’t thank her enough. My cousin planned the whole thing for me and put so much effort into it, it was an amazing day and baby boy was well and truly spoiled. We played a few baby shower games and everyone brought along tasty cake treats to have with the tea and coffee, it was meant to be a ‘tea party shower’ kind of thing.

I had originally planned to wear the dress in the left picture however, it wasn’t a maternity dress and I thought that ordering it one size bigger than my pre-baby size would be fine. It was not. It doesn’t look too tight in this picture but it was really really really tight across the bump and it took Ash a while to zip it up at the back. I had thought that I would just battle through it but when I practised standing up and sitting and wearing it with the shoes I had planned it was just far too uncomfortable and I wanted to enjoy the day.
That dress was £19 from ASOS in the sale.

On Wednesday it was getting pretty close to the shower and so I had look on the Missguided website, I remembered that they have the an option for next day delivery if you order before 9 pm that I could take advantage of.  I picked the one I am wearing in the right picture (obviously Alex) and ordered it two sizes bigger than my pre-baby size and it was made of stretchier material so it fit perfectly around bump and was nice an comfortable so that I could enjoy the day.
This dress was a total bargain, it was £8 in the sale but I got it for £6 with my student discount.


Bump is feeling a whole lot lower this week, I put together a little collage to see if I could notice a difference in my pictures. It is painful when I am walking around, and I get tired really easily! I keep getting these feelings like baby is kicking my cervix, I know that he can’t be because he is head down but it can be really uncomfortable so I need to check with the midwife on Wednesday what that is. I am getting a lot more back pain these days as a result I spend most of my life cuddling my maternity pillow and watching Greys Anatomy. I have watched 6 seasons in 2 weeks, no joke.

See you next time x


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  1. I’m so glad I’m not the only one bored, with back pain watching greys anatomy….I started it last week and I’m nearly at the end of season 2! Hive five for mat leave box sets! x

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      1. I watched some of it a while ago but I deleted my Netflix account so haven’t lately. It was good though, I can carry on when Greys is finished haha. Thanks for the idea! x


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