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Last week a beautiful package arrived in the post for me from the amazingly talented Elliepie. I had been so busy buying cakes, balloons and thinking of games for the baby shower I had never thought of the fact I would need a sash.


This is the beautiful personalised box that my sash arrived in. I never thought that receiving something like this could make you feel quite so special.

The attention, time, and effort that she must have put into something as simple as the packaging was amazing. I knew that the sash had to be something really incredible if this was the standard that was set by the box.


I was not disappointed.

The material is thick and of great quality but the design is what makes it so beautiful and attracts a lot of attention. Everyone at the baby shower asked me where I had found it because they are so used to seeing any kind of sash looking pretty plain and uninteresting.

Elliepie doesn’t just make these for baby showers she can do them for any occasion; bride to be, bridesmaids, mother of the bride, or birthdays.

This isn’t the only pattern that Elliepie has available either and she can customise your order so that your sash could say anything you wanted which would make it a really personal gift.

Not only is Ellie talented but she is the loveliest person too, she kept me updated every step of the way. I only found her business a week before my shower but she sent it out by special delivery just to make sure that I received it in time.

In my order there was a handwritten note, leaflets and business card. She had thought of everything down to the very last detail and made it perfect.



I don’t want to put it away, so I was thinking about what I could do with it now that my baby shower is done with. It probably wouldn’t be socially acceptable to just wear it in the house or to pop to the shops in so that people would stop getting in my way and realise I am a hormonal pregnant lady who needs space (and breathe).

I’ve decided that I am going to buy a deep box frame and put my sash across the middle of it, as the centrepiece if you will. Then I will add other bits and bobs from my baby shower around the side such as; the advice and prediction cards that everybody filled in, some of the decorations, and a few pictures. I think that the day will always be a really special memory for me and this is the perfect way to show that. I would also hate for something this beautiful, which a lot of effort has gone into, go to waste.

Please check out Elliepie, based in the UK but she ships worldwide:











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  1. So beautiful! Got to love finding some real homemade talent. I might have to subtly hint for my hen do or wedding morning…! Thanks for sharing xx


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