35 Week Pregnancy Update


How far along:
36 Weeks

Days until due date:
28 Days

Hello Everyone, welcome back! 

This week marked the end of the whole ‘when am I going to be induced’ saga. We had a growth scan on Friday, then a meeting with the consultant and baby has had quite a growth spurt.

Baby Boy was measuring on the 5th Percentile at the last scan (less than 2 weeks ago) but this time he was back up to the 50th Percentile! The doctor has booked me in for another scan in 2 weeks but if everything is fine at that one then I may not need growth scans anymore, and she sees no reason to induce me because he’s obviously healthy and happy.

I was a little bit gutted at the time because, as you will know if you have been reading my latest updates, they have been talking about inducing me because of his size for a while now and I kind of had my heart set on getting a day when I knew for sure that my labour would be kicked off. There has been a lot of hospital appointments and a lot of questions unanswered from one week to the next and I just wanted that little bit of certainty.

However, I have since got over that initial disappointment and realised that I was being incredibly selfish. I’m really happy that he is at a healthy weight and that I now have the opportunity to experience a natural labour.

Ever since though I have been hoping every twinge, ache or pain is an early sign of labour because I am getting quite uncomfortable at this stage!


As you can tell by the photo (maybe hopefully) my bump is getting pretty big and has definitely dropped a little. I’m finding it a lot harder to do simple things like bend over and pick something off the floor or even put my socks on. Although Ash has been helping me do it for a while, that was more because it was just easier than attempting it myself, now it is physically impossible to reach my feet.

I’m apparently at that stage in my pregnancy where everyone, including strangers, feel like they can touch my belly. Close family is fine but I have no idea what to do when people I barely know come up to me, touch my bump and tell me how big I’ve gotten. 



Symptom wise it has been a pretty hard week. I’ve been getting a lot of period-like cramps which the midwife said could either be stretching pains or just general pains of my body getting ready for labour.

The bump growing a lot has definitely taken its toll on my back, it aches every minute of every day. The only things that seem to relieve it is leaning over my birthing ball (like in the picture above) or having a bath.

Ash took that picture of me on Wednesday, I had a midwife appointment in the morning and I always walk there because it is only 10 minutes max from our house. Maybe, because baby is so low now my walk back absolutely killed my hips and back and I couldn’t lie down because it hurt, I couldn’t walk because it hurt, and I couldn’t relax because it hurt.

Leaning over that ball was the only thing which stopped me from crying in pain. I put it up on instagram and everyone left such lovely comments being really supportive and saying that they are going (or have been) through the same thing and it feels a lot better to know you’re not the only one in agony and if you can get through it then so can I!

I still have quite bad heartburn some days and on Friday I was sick when I woke up because of it, which was pretty horrible. You always think that you are over the sickness and the nausea and then BAM it’s back with a vengeance.

I had been feeling really sick for most of the week but I’ve been keeping it at bay by eating whenever I feel it starting and having lots of milk to help the heartburn. It was working for me, until Friday… Hopefully that was just a one off.


I have definitely noticed my lack of energy this week, I get tired so easily. Most days and nights consist of me eating what I want on the sofa watching telly.

The scan on Friday was at 8.30am, so I got up at 7am and I was absolutely knackered by the time we got home at 10 ish. I had to go back to bed for a 4 hour nap and then I was still tired at half 11 that night and fell straight asleep!

Everything is becoming a big of a task for me, I hardly ever put make up on, do my hair, visit anyone or go out the house unless I really have to because I just get too tired.

I am hoping that some of my energy will come back this week and I get the urge to ‘nest’ the house needs a bit of TLC so I need to snap out of my sleepy phase.

See you next time! x

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