36 Week Pregnancy Update


How Far Along?
37 Weeks + 1 Day.

Days Until Due Date?
19 Days.

Hello again everyone!

Firstly, I would like to apologise for how late this post is and how absent I have been on my Blog over the past couple of days, once you read my weekly update you may understand why.  Speaking of which, where do I start?

I started the week off feeling really good, I had energy for a change and even managed to wash my hair and put make up on… multiple days!

However, as the week progressed so did my headache. I tried to ignore it and drank a lot of water and took all the paracetamol I am allowed to. By Friday I couldn’t ignore it anymore and phoned the midwifery triage department, I asked if there was anything else in the world I could take apart from paracetamol because it was doing sweet nothing for me. The midwife asked me to come up to the hospital for a quick Blood Pressure check, thinking that I would only be up there for an hour at the very most I drove myself up at 10.30 pm.

However, I wasn’t home again until 11am on Saturday morning. When I first got to the hospital I had very high BP and my pulse was racing, they put me on the CTG monitor just to check that baby was okay and kept checking my BP every 15 minutes hoping that the first one was an anomaly.

My BP was up and down all night and after checking it every 30 minutes or so for 3 hours, seeing 2 doctors, and being on the CTG monitor for an hour the consultant decided that I would have to stay overnight because it just wasn’t coming down.

Thankfully baby is absolutely fine and showed no signs of distress it was just my high BP and headache which they were concerned about. They checked my BP every 2 hours in the night, which is the worst experience of my whole entire life. I have never had to stay in a hospital before and it was such a hard place to fall asleep there are lights, beeps, and alarms all the time. It felt like every time I had managed to fall asleep they were waking me back up.

At 6.30 am I decided to just stay awake, luckily I wasn’t waiting too long before breakfast arrived and then my new midwife came on shift. I was put back on the CTG monitor for half an hour and my BP taken once again, which was much the same but I was desperate to get home.

The doctor came around at 9 am and told me that my BP wasn’t high enough to put me on any medication for it but they wanted to monitor me so I would have to come back on Monday at 9 am to check it again. I have never been so thankful or excited to go home in my whole life, I missed Ashley and my bed so much. 

When you are feeling crap there is nothing worse than not having your home comforts,  I had taken nothing to the hospital with me that nigh and so I had to sleep in the lovely hospital gown. I honestly thought I would be home and tucked up in bed my midnight.

I was back at the hospital yesterday for my BP check at 9 am which was high again when I first went in, plus the headache was still there. They put me on the CTG monitor, took my blood and tested my urine and monitored my BP for another 6 hours before I was allowed to go home again. Luckily for me this time it slowly went down throughout the day so I didn’t have to stay overnight again. The doctor was happy to discharge me at 4pm and recommended that I have my BP checked by my community midwife twice a week from now on.

I am glad that it is nothing serious like pre-eclampsia, my mum had that when she was pregnant with me and as soon as I heard high BP I panicked that this could be the cause. However, it annoys me that I’ve had all these tests and spent days at the hospital and the best reason they can give me for why my BP is high and I have a constant headache is that it is all just ‘pregnancy related’.


This is pretty much all I have to update you all on this week. I haven’t had a lot of symptoms, a few niggles here and there in my belly but nothing worth mentioning. I don’t feel as fed up of being pregnant this week as I did last week but I think that is because I have had other things to focus on instead, like how amazing my own home is and how I never want to stay in hospital for more than 2 hours again unless I get a baby boy at the end of it.

I’m hoping that he comes this week though, keep your fingers crossed for us!

See you next time x


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  1. Sorry to hear you haven’t been well but glad things are going better now. Must have been so scary!


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