Dear Baby

Dear Baby Boy,

It is now only 17 days until you are due to make your big entrance to the world although, I really hope you don’t make us wait that long because I’m far too excited. Every morning I wake up and feel you wriggle around in my belly and see your bum poking out at me, I lay in bed and when I think about how I am going to hold you in my arms soon I am completely overwhelmed with love. I can’t even contemplate how it is going to feel when I see you, touch you, hug you and kiss you for the very first time.

I guess I just wanted to write you a letter so that you know we loved you so much long before you were born. Even though I’ve moaned and groaned my way through the pregnancy I know that you are 100% worth it and I wouldn’t change a single thing.

Your dad and I have a lot of ideas about what kind of parents we want to be and how we want to raise you at the moment but, I’m sure it is going to be a lot more difficult than we think to stick with some of those things. At the end of the day all we want for you is to feel loved and to be completely happy in your life. We would never say that we are perfect and we have no idea what kind of parents we will be but, we promise to always put you first and support you in whatever you choose to do.

We talk all the time about how little things in our childhoods have affected our personalities and made us more cautious with our lives. We have thought long and hard about how not do that to you. You can be brilliant, please don’t let anyone make you think otherwise… especially us.

I hope that you will think we are the world’s best parents because we are certainly going to try our best. I’m sure when you are awaiting the birth of your first child you are going to be feeling the same way as us now but, I might have a few helpful tips for you by then.

This letter is a little bit of a ramble but to be fair I am 100 months pregnant and exhausted. I basically just wanted you to know how much we love you and are going to love you for the rest of our lives (well, depending on if you put us in a nice nursing home of course). I can’t wait to meet you, I know you’re going to be the most amazing person and love of our lives.

See you soon baby bear.
Love mum x


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