37 Week Pregnancy Update


How Far Along?
38 Weeks.

Days Until Due Date?
13 Days.

Hello there!

I can’t believe another week has gone past since my last post, everyday goes 1 mph but the weeks seem to absolutely fly in. It feels so strange that I have finally reached this magical ‘full term’ stage of my pregnancy. I always set out in my head that as soon as I turned 37 weeks I would be trying all the old wives tales to get this baby out, and to be fair I have kind of stuck to that. I spend most of my days bouncing on the ball in front of the telly, eating pineapple for lunch and curry for tea.

I think I am making it a lot harder for myself at the moment because I wake up really excited every morning and wonder if today could be the day I finally meet my little man, then when nothing happens I go to bed feeling a little disheartened. I was sat staring at my Moses Basket one evening and just imagining all the cuddles we are going to have and picturing who he is going to look like, then it kind of hit me like a bus.  

I’m going to have a son. Soon.

I’m going to be responsible for this whole other person. Forever.

I’m going to be a mum. Really Soon.

It isn’t like I didn’t know any of these things are going to happen it is just a very surreal feeling that the time is here, we have waited so long for this and it is just around the corner.


I have been feeling a whole lot better this week, I have had two appointments since my last post and my BP has been normal at both of them plus my headache has totally gone! Ash wasn’t feeling quite right last week either so, we have come to the conclusion that we must have been battling off some kind of cold or virus and that is all it was.

We had our very last growth scan this week, I still can not believe that it was our last chance to get a little sneaky peek of baby before he arrives. Next time I see his face, hands and feet I will be able to actually touch them too!

She gave us a couple of pictures and the one of his face is so clear but also slightly creepy, I think he will be SO CUTE with the extra fat and y’know actual eyes that you can’t see on the scan picture…


I have been getting quite a lot of aches and pains this week. I get a lot of period like pains throughout the day, and lots and lots of back pain/spasms. Which, I made a whole lot worse this week as Bambi on ice over here took a little bit of a tumble down the stairs. Luckily, I didn’t hit any of my bump and I just slid on my bum down about 3 stairs.

I will not lie to you though, I cried a lot.

I think it was more the fight, I was talking and laughing with Ash one minute and the next he is picking me up off the stairs in a crying mess. I went to bed straight after that and watched baby for a while to make sure his movements didn’t slow down, and I had no pain anywhere else apart from the carpet burn so I felt pretty lucky. I am watching my steps a lot more closely now.

Baby is definitely feeling a lot lower this week, I get a lot of pressure in my pelvis and find myself waddling around while Ash sniggers in the corner at me. I’ve also been experiencing lighting crotch which is pretty wonderful… It takes you quite by surprise when you are just wandering around minding your own business.

The heartburn has been slowly calming down, I don’t have one million glasses of milk anymore. In fact, I  have cut down to either just one small glass right before bed. It is like a smoker weaning themselves off cigarettes. I had grown very fond of my milk!

Lastly, my boobs have been on mega leaking mode the past week. I think that my boobs started leaking when I was around 16 weeks pregnant and it increased a lot just after 20 weeks which forced me into wearing breast pads every day. Now I can’t even sit for 10 minutes after I get out the shower without them leaking all over me. I have to wear bras to bed every night to hold the breast pads in place, but all my bras have got too small for me YET AGAIN so it’s a pretty uncomfortable experience. I like to read the apps that give you weekly updates throughout pregnancy, most of the ones for this week say that ‘you can expect your boobs to start leaking colostrum about this time’ and it enrages me.



All I want is to go to bed without a bra on but nope.

On that (high) note I think that I’m just going to end this weeks update here. I’m very much hoping that this will be my last weekly pregnancy update but knowing me it probably won’t.

See you next time, maybe with a baby but maybe not. x


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  1. I am so excited for you both!! I’ve been following your updates for the last couple of weeks now, and I love them! I can’t wait to see your little bundle of joy!

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