38 Week Pregnancy Update


How Far Along?
38 weeks & 6 Days.

Days Until Due Date?
7 Days.

That’s right, no baby this week. I honestly thought that baby boy would be here by now but  I think that was just wishful thinking on my part. There really hasn’t been that much going on at all this week.

I had a follow up appointment for my BP on Tuesday at the hospital and everything was perfect. I wasn’t there long but, I was so annoyed because I got the worst midwife again. I had her a while ago when I had to go up to the hospital for a CTG (which the doctor booked me in for) and the first thing she said to me then, 2 hours after we arrived for the appointment, was ‘I don’t know why you’re even here’ which was just super fabulous. I’m not joking she said the exact same thing this time. Maybe, just maybe, if you took the time to read my notes first you would be a little more clued up?! After my BP was fine she left me with the student midwife and I never seen her again, she didn’t even fill in my notes so when I went to my community midwife appointment the next day they had no idea that I had even been at the hospital.

Just over 24 hours later at the community midwife my BP was pretty high again so back to the hospital we went.

FullSizeRender (1)

Poor Ashley got dragged out of bed at 1pm after night shift to keep me company at the hospital so, I treated him to a coffee (I know I’m super nice). They did the usual at the hospital; blood tests, urine test and put me on a CTG but they didn’t find anything (as usual) and I was sent home 5 hours later. I still have to get my BP checked twice a week by the community midwife, she was actually here today, just to keep an eye on it.

The midwife today told me that if baby hasn’t made an appearance this week then they will probably do a sweep on my due date (a week on Monday). I really don’t fancy that so I think I’m going to be permanently bouncing on my birthing ball the rest of the week.


Ashley & I had a lovely day yesterday, it isn’t very often we get to have a whole day together because Ash works night shift Mon-Fri and usually plays football at the weekends. It was an away game yesterday and Ash has told his manager he won’t be going to any of them just in case, you never know when baby is going to make an appearance and I feel a lot better when he is in the same town.

So, we seized the opportunity yesterday and went to local outlet centre for a little nosey round the shops and had a lovely lunch in Costa. When we were sitting there it kind of dawned on us that this would probably be our last little ‘date’ before we become a family of three!

I have been taking time to appreciate my  bump this week because it won’t be there much longer. I am still so amazed when I see baby wriggling around in my belly, 9 months down the line and I still can’t believe there is a little human in there! I want to meet him so so so much already but, I also enjoy that at the minute I have him all to myself and he is always with me and nobody can steal him off me.

Does anyone else out there who is expecting have irrational fears that everyone is trying to steal your baby from you already? Ash thinks I am totally nuts. I know that other people are just about as excited as we are to meet him but, I don’t know how I’m going to cope when someone else is holding him for more than 5 minutes. I think I have too many mama bear hormones rushing around my body. I’m sure I will cope with it a lot better than I imagine because I’m well aware they don’t actually want to steal him… I hope anyway.

Ash & I went on a long walk on Monday and it must have helped shift baby down because when I woke up on Tuesday baby felt so low, I could hardly walk! The student midwife said that she couldn’t feel his head anymore so he was right down, I was in so much pain I had to go for a bath 3 hours after I got up to help with the discomfort. It hasn’t felt that bad since, at odd bits of the day I end up waddling around but still it hasn’t been super painful since.

I haven’t had a lot of symptoms this week. Most nights I have been getting a bit of a stomach ache, I try and get some sleep with the hope that it will turn into contractions in the middle of the night but it never does.

I have had a lot more energy this week, I think I managed to do my hair and make up about 5 days out of the week which is a huge achievement. I also convinced myself that baby wasn’t coming because the house was messy so I cleaned everything top to bottom on Friday and re-packed my hospital bag (because babies care about this stuff).

I’m clearly loosing the plot so I will end this weeks update here and leave you with a picture Ash took of me which perfectly sums up my mood the more pregnant I get:


See you next time! x


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