39 Week Pregnancy Update


How Far Along?
39 Weeks & 6 Days.

Days Until Due Date?
1 DAY!!!!!

Holy crap people tomorrow is my due date! I have had zero babies this week, he is still snug as a bug in my belly. I’m not entirely sure where to start this week because nothing has really been going on. I think that I will begin with symptoms because I haven’t been feeling too great lately, which I am hoping is a sign that labour is soon on its way.

I was convinced that yesterday or today was going to be the day. It began on Friday when I had no energy what so ever, I just moved from bed to the sofa and then back to the bed again. When I woke up on Saturday I suddenly had this huge burst of energy; I had a shower and washed, dried & straightened my hair, managed to take my time putting make up on, cleaned the kitchen, hoovered downstairs, put a couple of loads of washing on and bounced on my ball for a couple of hours.


I went for a wee around 2 pm (warning a little TMI ahead) and noticed that I had had a little bit of a bloody show. For the rest of the day I was convinced with every twinge that labour was about to begin but shock horror it didn’t AGAIN. I don’t usually feel Braxton Hicks but I had some really strong tightenings in my belly every 20 minutes, which we timed on my contractions app. I knew that they weren’t proper contractions because they weren’t painful, just a little uncomfortable, but the app (it analyses the contractions you put in) felt the need to tell me that I was likely in FALSE LABOUR. Even though you know that yourself it is really annoying when your phone tries to steal all your hopes and dreams away from you.

Since then I have been feeling really nauseous and have had to remain in bed most of the day with a bucket next to me just in case. Today, I’m still nauseous and my head is banging so I am toying with the idea of phoning the midwifery unit because BP could be high again but, I see the midwife tomorrow so I will probably just hold on until then.

Speaking of tomorrow, if baby doesn’t try and make an entrance tonight I will be experiencing a lovely sweep eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeekkkkkkkkkkk. It doesn’t sound too great but, I am willing to try anything to encourage this little one to get a move on.

As a reward for being so pregnant I bought myself some little treats. I got this jacket from Tesco for £29 and I love it very much, every time I wear it I feel very fancy and mumsy!

I have wanted a camera for a while now to take some better pictures of baby boy for the Blog because, at the moment, I just use my iPhone. Also Ash & I have been thinking about Vloging (I have added my Youtube channel to my Social Sites on the home page of this Blog please subscribe, the videos will be beginning very soon) once the baby is here. I want to expand on this Blog, I love the idea of creating a place which is full of all our memories to look back on.

We decided to get the CANON SX610 HS camera because it was 20.2mp and shoots full HD videos. I hope that we manage to do this from the very moment he is born, I would love to share those special moments with you all right from the start.


If you read my last post you might be aware that my appetite has came back with a vengeance and I had my first ‘weird’ craving this week. I really wanted bacon, strawberries, waffles and honey this week. I don’t know if it was just because it was a craving and I really wanted it but I thought it was AMAZING and would seriously encourage you to all try it.

Anyway that is all I really have to update you on this week. Ash & I just got back from a long walk round the block in the pouring rain, I think a hot cuppa and cheeky chocolate bar in front of the fire is in order now.

reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaally hope that my next update is introducing you all to our son. Make sure to follow me on Instagram & Twitter because I will probably be able to update those first.

See you next time x


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