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It’s official, baby is late!


I woke up on my due date (Monday 22nd Feb 2016) and I was so excited, although I didn’t feel like anything was happening, it felt like it was my Birthday or Christmas! You have this date stuck in your head from the 12 week scan (mine was the 3rd August 2015), although everyone stresses to you that it is just an estimation you still feel like you should be holding your baby on that date.

Even though I felt a little disappointed I was hopeful something could be happen that day as the midwife was coming to perform the sweep sometime in the morning. I heard that you should try and be as active as you can after a sweep so, I planned for Ash & I to go on a big walk afterwards and thought I would for sure be in labour that night.

How wrong was I?

I didn’t even know that there was a chance they couldn’t perform a sweep! Nobody has that talk with you. She said that my cervix was still closed so the sweep was ‘unsuccessful’, my heart actually sunk. All day I just thought to myself, well obviously it is still closed because I’M NOT IN LABOUR isn’t that what the sweep is supposed to do? To sum up, I was really, really, really disappointed and disheartened.

Instead of our planned big walk Ash took me out for dinner to take my mind off what the midwife said and cheer me up. We know that baby will definitely be here within the next 2 weeks however he makes his entrance, so we appreciated that this would actually be the last time we will be out for dinner as a twosome.

I feel bigger than ever this week and every movement that baby boy makes is so painful now. I keep staring at my bump and comparing it with old photos to see if he has dropped at all, some days I think that he has and then others my heart burn is worse than ever in the night so I think maybe he hasn’t.

I have been really suffering with lower back pain this week, It makes my waddle even more noticeable. I woke up in the middle of the night for a wee last night, when I tried to get out of bed I put one foot down and the pain was SO BAD my leg was going to give way. I had to crawl over to the draws in my bedroom and pull myself up that way but I still couldn’t straighten my back fully. I must have looked like the hunchback of Notre Dame on my way to and from the bathroom.

You might think we are really sociable judging by this week but I can assure you we are not. It was my Step mums 50th Birthday on Thursday and so the dysfunctional family (as you can see from our attempt at a photo) headed out for a meal. We didn’t think that we were going to make it but baby boy just doesn’t want to come out!


Yesterday was pay day and I felt like doing something productive with my time for once. I headed down to Hobby Craft and picked up these letters, painted them Baby Blue and decorated them with different stickers; some animal and some stars. I have a picture of the finished product ready to go up on the nursery wall but, we are keeping his name a secret until he is born.

This is your only clue of his name until then, M is for …?

The midwife is coming to see me again on Monday and I will get my induction date then, I will keep you all updated. Hopefully it is sooner rather than later so my next weekly update is a Labour & Delivery story rather than a Pregnancy Update!

Thank you for reading, see you next time! x


8 thoughts on “40 Week Pregnancy Update

  1. I hope you get to meet your little one SOON! I had a friend whose daughter was born two weeks late, exactly… on Valentine’s Day. I was ONE day late, and I feel your pain! 🙂


  2. Mifwife couldnt do a sweep on me as was closed and said id be at least week and half. I was 5 days over at that point that night i went into labour. Anything can happen x

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  3. I really hope it’s not too much longer. I have such a fear of going massively overdue because I was a very late baby 😦


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