Baby Bump Progression in Pictures

16 Week Bump:

16 weeks

17 Week Bump:

17 weeks left

18 Week Bump:

18 weeks left

20 Week Bump:

20 Weeks Front

21 Week Bump:

21 weeks

23 Week Bump:

23 week bump

24 weeks25 weeks26 Weeks27 weeks profile28 Weeks29 Weeks30 Weeks31 Weeks32 Weeks 2IMG_4769IMG_4952IMG_5324IMG_5539IMG_5705IMG_5866IMG_5924IMG_6073

It is crazy to see how much my body has changed. I remembering being so proud of my little bump at 16 weeks and now look at it, it has tripled in size!

I’m more than ready to have my body back now though (HINT HINT BABY, who is now 1 WEEK overdue :().

See you next time x