My Labour Story

Milo Ashley Robert Tyson


4th March 2016
7lb 7oz

Hello there everyone! If you didn’t already know my gorgeous little boy is now in the world. First of all i would just like to say a huge thank you to everyone who congratulated us, we were totally overwhelmed at the lovely, amazing message you all sent us. šŸ˜

He is two weeks old tomorrow (where does the time actually go?!) so I thought that it is about time that I shared my Labour story with you while the little one is sleeping.
Here goes.

On Thursday the 3rd March I felt like Milo’s movements had decreased a lot, I was really concernedĀ asĀ I was 10 days overdue and readĀ that once you go past your due date you should be extra aware of their movements. I phoned the midwifery unit and they asked us to come up to check everything was okay with baby, which it was! However, my blood pressure was sky high yet again and they didn’t want to let me go home until they got it under control. The doctor came to see me at about 11pm that night and told us that there was no point in waiting until Sunday to induce me andĀ becauseĀ BP was so high they wanted to do it that night.

Ash & I were a little bit shell shocked, he had to phone work and let them know that the time had came and he wouldn’t be going to work after all! Luckily we had put the hospital bags in the car just in case and we were moved to the Labour & Delivery ward pretty swiftly.

The midwife gave me Gas & Air while she put the pessary in, which made me violently sick. It was the strangest feeling in the world, my eyes were closed really tight but I still felt like the room was spinning. It sends you to a totally different world, unfortunately I’m just very easily sick Ā and after that I swore I wouldn’t have anymore gas & air. I was also given some medication to lower my BP before they left me to get some sleep which also made me feel very dizzy & sick.

Ash went home about 2am to get a little bit of rest and pick up some last minute bits and bobs, we thought we were going to be in for the long haul as they told us many times how long inductions take. He came back at 8am and I was having a few contractions at this point but I still hadn’t got over the sickness and everything I ate just came straight back up including the paracetamol.

I had a student midwife looking after me for the first part of the day and when I went to the toilet about 1pm my waters went, but because there wasn’t any on my pad she didn’t believe me! She just kept telling me that it was my show which was a little enraging. After this my contractions got a lot more intense and I started to feel them only in my back. They were coming in a very strange pattern; I had one after 4 mins, then after 2 mins, then after 4 and so on.. When my new midwife came in I asked for more pain killers but I wasn’t allowed any because it was too close to my last dose of paracetamol (can you believe that, I wanted a bloody epidural not more paracetamol!).

The new midwife was so snappy, Ash was trying to tell her that they had a pattern and were getting a lot more uncomfortable and closer together and she totally snapped back:

“I’m assessing her right now and she hasn’t had one since I came in”

She had barely been in the room 2 minutes at this point and we were a little bit dumbstruck and didn’t say much else our of fear of getting our heads bitten off again.

At this point I was on all fours on the floor to get through each contraction but it was really uncomfortable as I had a cannula in my hand and the needle was too big for me to bend my hand comfortably. I decided to lay down on the bed so that I could rest between my contractions because I was really tired at this point. At half 5 the pains had gotĀ so intense, I was squeezing Ash’s hand through everyone just to help me cope a tiny bit better, the midwife hadn’t been back to see us for 3 hours so I barked at Ash to “BUZZ THEM NOWWW”.

The nearest midwife popped in and I told her that the pains were really bad now and I needed more painkillers, so she said she would just go and find my miserable midwife and she would help me. 30 minutes later she bothered to come in and told me it still was too soon for more paracetamol, I was screaming in pain and she was telling me it was too soon for paracetamol and that lying down was the worst thing to do. I was actually crippled with pain at this point and I knew something had changed because I was telling Ash how my bum felt strange. When people tell you that you feel like you need a poo when it is time to push they aren’t lying.

The midwife told me to roll onto my back so she could put me on the monitors but there was no way I could lie on my back I was in agony at that point. Finally, after some nagging from Ash telling her I was having contractions 2 minutes apart now, she decided to examine me and I was 8cm dilated and she soon offered me some stronger painkillers.

She buzzed the other midwife, Andrea, in Ā at 6.20pm to look after me and I was pushing before she even got there. I couldn’t stop myself, your body just takes over. They gave me Meptid and anti sickness injections in my leg while I was in the middle of pushing so it basically made no difference to me. She kept offering me gas and air but I really didn’t want it after my experience earlier so I basically had no pain relief because they didn’t believe how far on I was for ages.

I had been pushing for about 10 minutes when they told me his heart rate was dropping and that I needed to get him out on the next push or they would have to give me a cut to help him out. I remember thinking how the next push had to be the best one ever and I was going to do it but no matter how hard I tried I just couldn’t get there and so on the next push they gave me an episiotomy and all of a sudden he was here and lying on my belly.

Once you see your baby you haveĀ most overwhelming feeling of love and immediately wonder what you ever did without them.

I had to get a few stitches after but when you are holding your little baby and staring at their face you don’t even care that your legs are in stirrups and your dignity vanished so long ago.

I have to say that I truly believe the recovery afterwards is by far the worst part of the whole process. You can’t walk properly for weeks and are petrified every time you feel like you need a wee. Like everybody says though you would do it all over again for this little person because you have the are the most amazing, perfect little person you have ever met.

I hope to be back with more Blog Posts now that all the visitors have settled down and Milo is sleeping for longer.
I really hope this doesn’t scare anyone who is pregnant because it really isn’t meant to!

If I can get to the pushing stage on just paracetamol you can do too, I am just the worlds biggest wimp Ā and used to cry for weeks if I so much as stumped my toe.

The whole experience would have only been better if the midwife’s had just believed how much pain I was in and I was offered Meptid just that little bit sooner.

Anyway this is long enough so I will leave you with some of the first pictures we have, please excuse the massive state I am but I did just give birth…




Ā Ā 

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  1. Oh my gosh! Your pictures are adorable! Congratulations. ā¤ It sucks to hear your experience with your midwife wasn't the greatest, but I'm glad everything went smoothly for you! Enjoy the newborn cuddles while they last. They grow up too fast. šŸ˜¦

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  2. Congratulations. He is just too gorgeous and it sounds like you were an absolute champ. I am hoping that I am going to be able to hold it together. I am more the type to punch a midwife…

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    1. Thank you! Aw I’m sure you’re midwife will be much nicer I think I just had back luck haha. I wanted to punch her after but at the time I just thought ‘well she knows what she’s talking about’ cleaaarly not! X


  3. I’m So sorry your midwifes were bitches! But I’m also so happy for you! I’m 40+1 today and getting quite impatient! Congratulations again. Your son is beautiful! Xxx

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