Happy Easter!

Hello there! While the monkey has a cat nap on my tummy I thought that I would just take the time to wish you all a Happy Easter and give you a little Milo update!

 He is one month old on Friday (seriously, where does the time to?!) and I am planning on doing monthly updates for both him & I so I will keep this short and sweet.

Last night we got the longest break between feeds so far (5 hours) and I feel like a brand new woman. At the moment during the day Milo seems to be feeding non stop so I feel a little like a human cow and have deliberated switching to formula a few times but, I’ve just invested in a Medela electric breast pump so I really hope it works for us and I will be able to get a nap!

He is such a good baby, he barely cries and loves mummy and daddy cuddles. His grandparents are also totally obsessed with this little one and he is spoiled with attention.

We are making the most of Ash’s last week off as he is back to work on Friday and I am quite scared to be all alone in the night with this monkey but I’m sure we will manage and it will become the norm within no time. It feels like Milo has been here all along already, i don’t know what we would do without him. So today we haven’t really done much for Milos first Easter, just a lazy family day (I’m sure it will be very different next year). We went on a walk and seen Milos first rainbow, he was so excited he just slept the whole time… Now we are just about to have some dinner so I will leave this blabbery  post here.


Hope you have all had a lovely weekend! X

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