Milo & Mum 1 Month Update

Can you believe it?!


My baby boy is a whole month old. It feels like just yesterday that he was here but, also feels like he has been in our lives forever at the same time. After 4 weeks I am finally starting to feel human again, the first few weeks were just a total blur.



When I was heavily pregnant everyone used to say to me to sleep while I could and it annoyed me SO much because I just wanted to meet my baby boy. However, I now completely understand what they meant because YOU WILL NEVER SLEEP AGAIN. I’m joking…I’m not.

In the first couple of days Milo hated his Moses Basket so Ash & I used to take turns sleeping while one of us stayed up with him on our chests because he wouldn’t sleep any other way. We bought a Cosydream and a swaddle up bag which have both helped settle him a little more. He still much prefers to be cuddled to sleep but he does stay in his Moses Basket for more than 10 minutes now.

He loves to sleep in the car, every time we put him in the car seat he totally crashes out so I will have to remember that when he is teething!

The most he has slept at night so far is 5 hours and I felt magnificent but he mostly wakes up every 2 hours in the night for his feeds.



I am really happy and proud that I have exclusively breastfed Milo for the first four weeks of his life. I won’t lie to you it has been a battle at times but we have managed to get this far and I am really happy about that no matter what happens in the future.

I have been really lucky that we have had no problems when it comes to breastfeeding, Milo latched on fine every time and my milk has always been in good supply (so far).


DAY 1: 7lb 7oz
DAY 3: 7lb 6oz
DAY 14: 7lb 13oz
DAY 27: 9lb 4oz

I have toyed with the idea of giving Milo one bottle of formula a day which may help him sleep a little longer at night but as silly as it may sound I’m totally afraid of giving him a bottle in case he gets colic or reflux or any of the things mothers fear. However, I did just buy a Medela Swing Breast pump so I want to get cracking with expressing and hopefully get him used to bottles of breast milk. We have a few things coming up this year where Milo will need to be looked after by someone else so I would like for him to get used to taking a bottle. Even if he will only take a bottle after that I can still give him breast milk so I feel a little more confident about trying it now.

I have never been a massive breastfeeding advocate nor a bottle feeding advocate, I believe that you should just do what feels right for you and baby. I have totally loved breastfeeding though and I didn’t know how much I would enjoy it. For me, it replaces that bond of him being in my belly as feeding has been our time and our connection . Also it may be the most selfish thing in the world but I do love that I am the one that can settle him and give him comfort.


As I said in My Labour story I really believe that the recovery after giving birth is the worst part. It was hard to do anything for a few weeks such as sitting down, walking and most of all peeing. You will have this fear of the toilet for a while after you give birth.

Luckily, I feel much better now. At the last visit from my Midwife she checked my stitches as I was in a lot of pain and cut the last one (she said it was like a knot) and I immediately felt relief but a couple of days later I felt normal which was AMAZING. I have never been so happy to walk properly.

(Warning TMI Ahead)

I had a major worry about 11 days after giving birth where my bleeding increased a lot, I went through about 5 maternity pads in an hour and passed a clot the size of two golf balls (I did warn you there was TMI, but I want to be honest!).

I took myself up the hospital as the bleeding just wouldn’t slow down and I began to feel faint and a little unwell. Unlike when I was in labour the midwives were amazing this time and looked after us really well. Luckily, we didn’t have to stay in hospital and I was given a course of antibiotics.

It is scary though when you can’t stop bleeding, you immediately panic. You should expect a lot in the first few days but mine had slowed right down before this incident which made me panic.

We had the flu as well this month, I think that as my body was recovering from the birth my immune system was compromised and I was the first to fall ill. It is so hard being sick when you have a newborn. All you want is to have a massive sleep to get rid of your pounding headache but with a baby who wakes every 2 hours for food it is pretty hard but we did make it through. Milo also caught it and he had a little snuffle, it was so horrible hearing it when he was sleeping. We had many incidents where we woke him up to check he was breathing.. Bad parenting, I know. However, I did pick his bogeys though so really, I do anything for him in the name of love.

That is basically all I can think to update you on but if you have any questions please feel free to message me and ask!

I’ll leave you with some more pics, see you next time. x





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