5 Weeks in the World


These are some of my top photos of this week. Milo has been quite a fussy bum this week, he has been crying a lot when he doesn’t really need anything and only seems to fall asleep when he is nursing. I don’t mind at night but during the day it is hard trying to do things such as eat and wee. Especially as this is Ash’s first full week back at work, for the past month he made my meals and passed me things when I couldn’t move (I know, I’ve got a good one). I’m trying not to focus too much on the mess around the house as it won’t be like that forever, I’m just going to focus on looking after Milo and trying to eat for the moment and I’m sure the rest will follow.

We went on a health kick this week, I was concerned as my diet has been shocking since Milo was born as it’s just what we had in the cupboard and quick meals. I bought the body coaches book and we have made 5 different meals this week (one each day) and I feel really good about it. I won’t lie though those chocolate cravings are hard to ignore.

Milo has outgrown most of his newborn gear so I bought him some new clothes this week with vouchers he got for his birthday. We couldn’t believe how grown up and big he looks in his big boy clothes. I keep looking at pictures of him when he was first born and getting all emotional at how much he has grown.

It was a really nice day at the weekend so we look him to the seaside for the first time, even though it was sunny it was SO COLD. We walked in the sheltered areas and then got some fish and chips to eat in the car 🙊 (a reward for the healthy meals whoooops).

We also picked up the prints from Milos newborn photo shoot and I am so happy with them! He’s just adorable and I can’t stop staring at how cute they are. I think I’ll never ever get bored of his big beautiful eyes!
Until next time, lots of love x

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