6 Weeks in theWorld 


This week was a huge one for Milo as he smiled at us for the first time! A big gummy smile, it was gorgeous and the most amazing mum moment so far! You can see it for yourself:
 We went to a play group for the first time this week with the lovely Rosie and George (blog here)! Milo fell asleep just before we went in and even though it was pretty noisy he was totally zonked the whole time.

I’ve also noticed this week that Milo has developed a routine. He wakes around 7am or just before and then he stays awake and alert for an hour which allows me to get breakfast as he is content in his bouncy chair or on his play mat. Then he has a nap from 10am until 1pm so I can actually have a shower and do my hair and make up, it’s wonderful! He then wakes up for a feed and some play time then he feeds and goes back to sleep once again! Night time is still hit and miss; he usually feeds every 2/3 hours and still won’t settle in his Moses basket but who can hold it against that cutie.

He has developed a lot of spots this week all over his face, chest, back & arms. They look really inflamed and sore but I asked the doctor about it and he told me it is just the hormones he is getting from me and his skin needs some time to adjust but it is nothing to worry about. It makes me sad though they bother me a lot more than they bother him as they look sore but the doctor assured me they aren’t.
Just a little update this week, thanks for reading! See you soon x

3 thoughts on “6 Weeks in theWorld 

  1. Rosa had these spots for two weeks and she is all cleared up now at 8 weeks! They will go! Just wash with cooled boiled water incase they get any dirt/germs in and get infected xxx


    1. I was doing that but Milo’s turned into eczema! They have totally cleared now with steroid cream and I was told to stop eating nuts to see if that helped so who knows which one really helped? xxx


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