7 Weeks in the World

Every week is flying past now!

Looking at all these pictures we have had quite an adventurous week. Ash had Friday off so we took ourselves into town and had a little coffee and cake family date which was lovely and gave me an excuse to get dressed up and wear my new top. Although Milo did spew down one side of it and my milk squirted all over the other side and I was fairly upset to say the least! 

On Saturday we went up to my dad and step mums caravan in Scotland for a day out. It was such a nice get away, my parents completely dote over Milo and wanted to play and hold and cuddle him the whole time so it was like a break for Ash & I. The drive took us around an hour and a half and Milo was such a good boy and slept the whole way there and back, I was one very proud mummy. Dad also treated us to tea in the restaurant when we were there which was nice and Milo just sat in his car seat all lovely and cute, I’ve got such an angel baby.

It has been so beautiful here the past few days and you know when the sun shines in England you have to make the most of it so I took the opportunity to take Milo out on some walks. We went to Talkin Tarn about a half an hour from where we live on Wednesday and then on Thursday we had a trip into town. 

Milo has been smiling more and more every day, it never gets any less beautiful or amazing. He just has the best smile in the world. This week he has been so much more alert andfocussing on things a lot more. He absolutely adores Ash he watches him all the time, whenever Ash moves you can see Milos eyes just following him it’s such a heartwarming sight.

We had a bit of a baby shopping spree for Milo as he is too chunky for his newborn clothes now however, it’s awkward because he’s too short for his 0-3 but he’s just going to have to look short for a while! We have been looking at all the photos and videos from when Milo was first born and you can really see how much he has grown, it’s scary!

He still isn’t sleeping in his Moses basket, he’s actually gotten worse and now only sleeps in our arms again instead of next to us in the bed. I’ve noticed he’s been fighting his sleep a lot more in the evenings and ends up getting really fussy and irritable at bed time which can be rather stressful when all I want to do is get a drink or wee and he’s screaming bloody murder. I’m just thinking that this won’t be forever and that is helping me deal with the more stressful times. 

See you next time, love Alex x

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