8 Weeks in the World

The past couple of days Milo has been so happy and smiley, it was a difficult start to the week as he was really really fussy and did not want to be put down and just nursed the whole time. He isn’t usually a crier but he would. Not. Stop. For about 3 days this lasted but he’s back to his normal self. However he gets his jags today so I’m so scared of how it is going to affect him. I just hope mummy cuddles will fix him up.


My little chubby bunny was weighed on Monday at his (late) 6 week check up and he is now a healthy 11lb 10oz! When i lift him up first thing in the morning I forget how heavy he is and make a big heaaaave sound, much to ash’s amusement. I also used to be able to move him with one arm into feeding positions but long gone are those days. It makes me really happy though that he is thriving while I’m breastfeeding because it puts all the doubters in our families in their place. I’m guilty of sending texts every time he’s weighed to people so they know how well he’s going and I don’t need to ‘top him up’ with a bottle.

Just to make it clear I am pro baby being fed. Full stop. I have no problem at all with formula I just wanted to give breastfeeding a go and I’ve stuck with it through the hard times because of the people that doubted my breastfeeding abilities. I don’t like to be told what to do if you can’t tell… Haha

Like and dislikes:

He likes it when I sing ‘if you’re happy and you know it’ & ‘twinkle twinkle little star’. Please don’t judge my singing but here is a video to prove it:

He likes attention off the ladies. Last Saturday my step-mum (to be) had a cocktail party type hen do while my dad was on his stag in Benidorm. Obviously I couldn’t drink but I took Milo for a few hours and he was loving all the attention he got. He was giving everyone big gummy smiles and cuddling into them, I felt so lost without him and a little bit jealous if I’m really honest.

He likes the car. The other day I was meeting my friend for dinner and when I was trying to get ready he was having none of it. Milo wouldn’t sleep at all, he’s developed a wonderful habit of fighting all his naps. Anyway, as soon as I put him in the car he was fast asleep and stayed asleep for 4 hours! I actually got to eat my dinner in peace.

He likes baths. I have started bathing Milo in the big bath with me some nights and he LOVES it, he is such a water babe now. I remember his first bath and he screamed the entire time, I can’t wait to take him swimming now.


I think in my last update I said that Milo had developed his own little routine and was napping from 10am ish until 1pm. Well that has all gone out the window, he will not nap now unless he is in the car or the pram. It’s been a little frustrating as now I’m back to having no time to do anything. It’s not even like he will nap if I hold him either, he wakes up about 15 minutes after a feed and no matter what I try and do he fights the tiredness and then later in the evening he is a massive fuss pot becaus he’s all overtired now. 

I think the solution has to be to take him out somewhere so he gets in the car for a little to send him into a deep sleep but that’s a massive hassle. We only have the one car now and Ash needs it for work and gym so we have to be back by certain times and there is literally only like 2 places we can go on our own. The weather has also been shocking this week so I can’t even take him for many walks around the block. As you may be able to tell I’ve been somewhat frazzled this week but I’ll talk about that in another blog post! 

After the napping situation deteriorated I decided that he needed a bedtime routine now. I don’t know if I mentioned this in my last post but he has developed eczema and the doctor gave us lots of creams and stuff for the bath. I have to bath him everyday now because the amount of skin that falls off him is ridiculous and it goes in all his little fat folds which is gross. So, every night I put him in the bath at half 8 then get him into his night clothes and put him in his new swaddle blanket (which I think has made a huge difference to his sleeping) then lie him down next to me in our bedroom making sure it is dark & quiet then I let him feed until he is asleep. Sometimes when he is sleeping he can use my nipple as a dummy, during the day I take him off when he does this but at night I let him do it until he comes off himself because then he is in a deep sleep. 

Usually I can transfer him to the Moses basket at 10pm and he will sleep until 1.45am which is amazing for Milo! After that though he wakes every 2hours for a feed so I am guilty of just letting him sleep with me because I’m exhausted. I know, bad mummy. To be fair though we have co slept he entire time up until now so it is an achievement that he sleeps in the Moses basket at all.

New skills:

Milo is so good at holding his head up now except from when he is tired and he slouches over. When ash comes in of a morning he is sitting on my knee and he lifts his head up to look at him and then follows him around the room it’s so cute. 

He’s trying to roll from side to the other, I can see it when he is on his play mat but so far he is just swinging his legs around, I don’t think it will be too long before he’s rolling around! 

He is making a lot more noises. He has a little (nice) scream when he is excited or happy and also when I talk to him he makes little gurgles back it is very cute, it is like we are having a conversation.

See you soon, love Alex & Milo x

4 thoughts on “8 Weeks in the World

  1. Your not a bad parent for co-sleeping! Whatever works for your baby just remember that 🙂 my baby would never sleep in his basket from day 1, he is now 10 weeks. I would spend ages trying to get him to sleep put him down in his basket and would wake straight away!! I even tried letting him cry himself to sleep didn’t work either and went on for an hour..


    1. Aww thank you. I just need to get as much sleep as I can, it is so much harder getting up with the baby in the morning if I have been fighting to get him into bed all through the night. Plus I kind of like the cuddles. Yeah I tried the crying thing but if he’s too upset it just doesn’t work and I feel guilty, mum hugs work for us so that is what we do x


  2. I don’t think letting him sleep with you makes you a bad mummy. Like my mum always says, do what works. No child still sleeps with mum and dad when they’re five unless there is some other underlying issue. If Little O sleeps better with us when he comes out, it is definitely happening!


    1. Aw thank you. I am a bit shy about saying to people that he sleeps in the bed with us some times as I have had mixed reactions and I’m not too good when people try to tell me it’s wrong. I’m not great at standing up for myself and kind of get a bit embarrassed. I just feel until he can sleep through the night it is best for us as I just need to sleep when I can and getting him down in the basket is a mission! x


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