8 Week Jabs: Mums Experiences

It was Milos jags on Friday and it is safe to  say that I was fairly dreading the whole thing. I know that if I could read what it was like for another mum than it may have helped me prepare in some way so I thought I would note down our experience and I have asked other mums on Facebook to share theirs too!

Day Of:

Firstly, he was given the oral solution which was not a problem for him, he just lapped it up like a kitten giving the nurse a very confused look. The part I was most afraid of was the cry after he got the needles in his leg. It was pretty horrible but luckily we had some lovely nurses who put us at ease. Milo sat with his back to my belly and I held his hands and cuddled him as tight as I could while closing my eyes and kissing his head. He did have such a horrible little cry when they injected him but I turned him around and once he seen my face he just stopped crying and was looking around the room as usual. After that we look him to get his nappy changed and gave him his first dose of Calpol, which he was not a fan of. When we first got home he sat and cuddled Ash giving him big gummy smiles which was so adorable. I have him a feed and he slept for about 4 hours.Every time he  woke up he was very vocal and kept shouting, screeching and squealing away to himself but didn’t want to be held he just wanted us to hold his hands or touch his chest and would eventually fall back to sleep.

Through the night he didn’t sleep very much and had a fever, it was a difficult night for the both of us. He had further two doses of Calpol the next day and he was much better, back to his smiley self. It was horrible at the time but I think that with hindsight it wasn’t as bad as expected and way worse than the alternative if he didn’t get them.

Other Mums Experiences

Andi Seago:
Rory cried heart braking little sobs when he had his. As soon as we got in the car he fell asleep but a couple of hours later he was very hot and unsettled! Eventually he got very sleepy again and slept all night and again slept through the next night. He wasn’t out of sorts but was very hot so gave him calpol to help the fever x

Jo Beasley:
My little boy cried briefly but was distracted by a rattle the nurse had, I would definitely recommend taking a toy to try and calm them down. He was very clingy and wanted lots of cuddles after but overall wasn’t too badly affected xx

Sophie Louise:
Oh I think it broke my heart more than his! I was also under the impression it was 1 injection wen actually it’s 3 ( silly me ) didn’t prepare myself for that lol!… He cried at all 3 😦 but managed to get smiles out of him after.. He had a temperature that day so gave him his 3 doses of calpol. He was more clingy and abit more upset than usual but seemed to get back to normal the day after. As much as it is heartbreaking it’s better they have them than get the nasty things they could get xxx

Sharon Van Der Burg:
My little girl cried at all 3 sets, not just any cry, a cry that broke my heart, it was as if she was actually asking me why I was letting this other women hurt her. Felt terrible for her. After her 3rd set she slept the rest of the day & for most of the following day too & only had 6oz of formula in 12 hours, dosed her up on calpol & lots of mummy cuddles. But I’d much rather her be like this for 24-48 hours than live with alternative for the rest of my life xx

Lisa Huck:
My little boys cry broke my heart when he had his injections, I was very close to crying with him! I can’t forget his sobs and the way he looked at me and his daddy as if to say ‘why are you hurting me?’ 😢 this was the same with all his injections, on his second lot, (which were better than his first set), he gave the nurse the dirtiest look ever and as she spoke to him he turned his head away into his daddy’s chest, probably coincidence but it was amusing and good timing 😂 he wasn’t pleased with her at all lol. I know it is all for his benefit as a few seconds of pain and being grouchy for a day or two after is nothing compared to what could happen 💙
Rachael Saunders:
1st set-I was lucky enough to have my husband with me but I know it’s not always possible.I thought I’d be a blubbering wreck but managed to hold it together-just!We woke him just before he went in,he had the oral drops first which he quite liked.Then we had to lie him down ,my hubby put his little finger in his mouth to comfort him and I was holding his hands.Once the jabs started he screamed the place down,a scream I’d not heard before,but as soon as it was over we fed him,gave him some Calpol and he was ok.We cancelled our plans for the next two days and just gave him lots of cuddles,he was fine,just a bit out of sorts.Over the next few days he slept a little more than normal and was quite inconsistent with his feeds x
Jenn Perrett:
Rupert had his jabs yesterday and was fine yesterday, we even went to baby massage but he woke up with a high temperature today, I brought it down and spiked once more today…hes not keeping any milk down and is vomiting it back up, he wont keep calpol down either, the only thing that works is cooled boiled water….i was so panicky this morning but I now know no how to cool him down thanks to nanna….hoping he sleeps it off tonight!! Being a mum is such a worrying job!! Xx
Sadie Webb:
With my boys aged 8 and 9 yrs I felt like a proper mean mummy when it came to their first jabs I was a wreck that I took my mum the 2nd time , both boys ended up with a temp and miserable for a day but after a few doses of calpol they were fine . I will be doing it again on the 18th at my lil mans 8 wk check but this time I have my partner and my two boys to comfort me and their baby bro . Also stocked up on calpol 😀 xxx
Angela Hall:
On my LG first jabs I was lucky my OH came with me but our doctor was fantastic. He took her lied her in the bed and gave the jabs so we didn’t have to hold her. He even done two jabs at one time. Couldn’t praise him enough! Second heartbreaking. Third not so bad as she had a spell in hospital and this broke me. Had her crying, me crying it was awful. So think she is getting use to it. Though she had to have BCG next week so will let u know how that goes xx

Suzanne Gwilliams:
My husband held our little boy while he had his jabs. He cried, but actually it wasn’t as bad as I was anticipating. A week earlier he’d had his tongue tie snipped – his little cry during that broke my heart and I felt so guilty. So I think I was a little more prepared. Through the guilt I kept reminding myself it was all for the best. He had some calpol straight after the jabs and fell asleep. He was quite unsettled that evening and took a few hours of us cuddling him for him to get off to sleep. The next day I woke up to massive smiles and he was back to normal (except for a few runny poos!).

Marta Inkin:
Charlie cried a little and was fussy in the afternoon, that’s when I figured out that the actual plasters are hurting him. He was ok once I took them off but woke up 2 during the night (he always sleeps through)
Thanks to all the mums who shared their stories and I hope this has helped you prepare by giving you an idea on what to expect, although every baby is different.
Love Alex & Milo x

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