Quick Catch Up

Hello there!

I’m sorry I have been somewhat silent on the Blog lately it has just been one thing after another at home and I couldn’t seem to find a minute.

What’s Been Going On?

At the start of the month Ash’s family were up visiting from Southampton so we were pretty much out and about all week trying to fit in as much time as possible with them.

Then the week after Milo wasn’t feeling so good, I’m not quite sure what was wrong (I think teething but can’t be positive), and he wanted a lot of TLC. What my baby wants, my baby gets so, we just curled up on the sofa most days and boobed him silly.

Side Note: Seriously hats off to mums who bottle feed because when I am considering switching to bottles I have little mini panic attacks because I have no idea how I settle him without boobs. At the moment if he is upset, tired, (obviously) hungry or just a little upset Boob solves everything and the thought of taking away my super power scares me a lot. I do need to transition to bottles, whether it is formula or breast milk in those bottles (I have yet to decide), because my 3rd year in uni isn’t too far away now so please please please let me know the ways you manage to settle your little ones or if you have any tips for weaning them off the Boob.

Then (I told you, one thing after another) the week just gone I felt the most tired I have in a long long time. I was having constant headaches, waves of nausea and I just felt generally really crap so, as soon as Milo was sleeping on a night time, so was I!

Anyway, this weekend I have been feeling so much better and today I felt like I really had my shit together. I managed to have a shower, do my first ever personal training session with Ash (more to come on that), cook a roast dinner for us both, and tidy the kitchen. I know that most people could probably do every day this but I have found doing every day things with a baby so difficult lately but I think Milo & I are finally understanding each other and getting into a little routine (I use the term lightly).

Health Kick

If you follow me on Instagram you will have seen that I have been posting pictures of my meals lately and it is all because I’ve decided to go healthy.

In just 5 weeks time I am bridesmaid at my dads wedding and in September I am also bridesmaid at my cousins wedding. The photos taken are going to be around for a long time so I want to look  and feel good. I definitely feel like some areas just need a little bit of work after what my body has been through over the past year.

Lately I have noticed that my skin has been quite blemished and dry which has really been getting me down. I really wish I didn’t have to plaster on make up just to leave the house every day. So, I bought Ready Steady Glow, Madeline Shaw’s recipe book at the start of the week and what she writes in it makes a lot of sense. If you look after the inside of your body then it will show on the outside.

Ash is a personal trainer and he has preached to me about nutrition a lot over the years but I never really took it in properly until I had Milo. I’ve decided to eat clean & healthy meals to improve not only my skin but different parts of my body I am no longer happy with. By no means am I going on a diet or depriving myself of food, in fact the more exercise you do the more (healthy) food you should eat. I have asked Ash to help me out and he will be giving me personal training sessions at home to help me achieve these goals.

A few people have asked me how I have lost my baby weight and so I wanted to share this journey with you. In the next few days I will put up a Blog post showing my body and skin as it is now and then update you every month with how I feel, how I look and what I have been doing.

I will try and put up most of my meals on Instagram so make sure you follow me on there if you feel like you need a little food inspiration.

Hopefully Ash will do a little post on here so he can explain all this stuff from a personal training perspective because I don’t really have a clue. If you want to know/see anything in particular in this area then please just leave a comment/email me/dm me.

See you Soon x

4 thoughts on “Quick Catch Up

  1. You look unbelievable. I am genuinely scared of what my body is going to look like post baby. At 35 weeks I have just stopped personal training and I am going to do pregnancy pilates for the last four weeks but I still just feel like a whale!


  2. I went from breast to bottle, mainly because I am going back to work in August. Hunter took to bottles really well (hated Tommee Tippee, loves Munchkin Latch) and I continued to breastfeed just at night which worked really well. I think once your body adjusts, this can work really well. I have stopped breastfeeding at night as he started skipping feeds so didn’t seem worth it. In terms of comfort, I find that cuddles and dummy work well! He doesn’t rely on the dummy too much but it works like a dream to get him to settle down.


  3. I had the same thing with boob solving everything. After transitioning to bottles, I was scared how a trip on a plane would go.. How to comfort him?? He wouldn’t take a dummy.. It all worked out fine in the end though, no worries! Now with my second, she doesn’t fall asleep nursing as her brother did. I put her in bed with a dummy and she’s asleep quickly. Prepare for weaning to be quite a rough thing for yourself. It’s quite emotional.. So maybe you can hold on to the night/evening feeds a bit 🙂


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