3 Month Update

Well it has been a whole 5 weeks since my last update on Milo, and it has completely flown by. I didn’t realise quite how much he has changed until I looked back at the last update. He is such a cheeky little chappy, recently he has found his voice and it’s so cute when he starts babbling and cooing away at you. He is a proper little wriggler and enjoys a nosey, he always wants to be sitting up and looking around trying launch himself at anything and everything. I think he is going to be crawling before we know it!



The last time he was weighed (i think just over a week ago) he was 13lb 4oz. I thought he was going to be so much heavier, he feels like a ton weight to me now, but I guess I will have to build some muscles! I love every little fat fold and all his chins it’s so cute I mean, just look at those thighs:



Like and dislikes:

He still absolutely loves baths, he is waaaaaay too big for his baby bath because he just wants to launch those legs around splashing and you end up wetter than he does! Definitely need to invest in a seat for the big bath now because I’m not quite sure my back can take leaning over. The past couple of days I have been getting THE BEST laughs out of Milo in the bath when i try and clean under his chin, he is super ticklish which is just adorable.

Milo really isn’t enjoying the heat wave that we are having at the moment, which means that I am not enjoying it either. It has been really difficult for him all he wants to do is eat, sleep, repeat. I want to take him for walks and make the most of the weather but, I am too afraid of him getting burnt or overheating. He has been really good most of the time but I’ve tried to keep the walks pretty short and kept him stripped him down,dabbing him every now and again with a damp cloth. I’m so proud of how he is coping with it though because I absolutely hate it I just feel like I’m going to melt all the time (I’m Scottish, me and the sun don’t mix well).


He loves daddy at the moment. They have lots of baby babble conversations, it is so cute to see them bonding when they are just making random noises at each other. Both of them just smile from ear to ear afterwards. Ash works night shift (I’ve probably mentioned it loads) and he doesn’t get to spend much time with him but when he does without fail he can make him laugh every time. I love seeing how happy they make each other.



He still hasn’t really got the whole sleep thing down yet but he is doing okay. He probably wakes up twice in the night and then he comes in our bed around 5am so I can have a little more sleep. I would just look like a zombie if i didn’t get those last few precious hours. I did become a bit rubbish at his night time routine lately, if Ash was off work I just let it slide and kept him downstairs with us instead of taking him up but I decided for the next 4 weeks I’m going to be really, really good and stick to it like a military routine then hopefully try and do some form of sleep training because at the moment he can’t go to sleep without using me as a prop. His last feed at night time was getting a bit ridiculous for this reason, he was feeding from around 8pm until 11pm. He would fall asleep feeding and whenever i took him off the boob he would wake up immediately because it was pacifying him. I have decided to introduce a bottle of formula for this feed now instead because I was just loosing my life. I love him so so so much but i wasn’t having any time for myself that is why I haven’t been too good on the Blog lately because by the time i got him into his basket at night i was absolutely exhausted.  The past couple of nights have gone okay he has been asleep by 9pm at the latest which is AMAZING for us. I can actually clean the house so we don’t live like tramps yeeeeey!


I still can’t seem to get him to settle for naps during the day unless he is in our arms or in his pushchair but hopefully when it comes time to sleep training he will be able to self soothe and I will be able to pop him in his cot which may (or may not) help.

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Anyway I have been writing this for over 2 hours now (I don’t know how either) so I will leave you with my extensive amount of pictures from the past month. Let me know you’re favourites, I think I would have to say this is mine:

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Lots of love Alex & Milo x


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  1. The No-Cry Sleep Solution is helpful for encouraging babies to gradually stop using the breast to fall asleep. It takes perseverance but I preferred that to letting the little one sob his poor heart out.


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