IKEA Home Wishlist

Recently I’ve been really unhappy with our house, it’s just a bit… plain.

I want to buy extra decorative bits & bobs for the house but, with a new baby and Ash starting a new job soon (huraaah no more nights) I can’t just go crazy and buy everything that I want.

To ease my need to buy things I have instead wrote a list of all the things that I want and how much they cost. Hopefully when we are good with money again (I must stop buying Milo every cute outfit we see) we can slowly start ticking things off the list.

Of course I want to share these finds with you and I felt that it would be better to do it by shops & Rooms because I want a LOT.

Here is my first IKEA Wishlist:


LEFT: ASKVOLL, Chest of 2 drawers, white stained oak effect, white (£29)
RIGHT: ASKVOLL, Chest of 3 drawers, white stained oak effect, white (£39)

I would buy all the white furniture in the world, I think it makes your house look really bright and clean. However our bed, which I love, is Oak so I felt like these draws were a really good find. They are majority white which I love (did I mention this?) but also have the Oak effect to match with the bed.

2. FLÖNG (£18)
3. KUDDFLOX (£45)
4. SOMMAR 2016 (£12.50)
5. NYPONROS (£30)


OFELIA Blanket (£15)

RIGHT: GULLKLOCKA Cushion Cover (£6)

LEFT: VARV Table Lamp with Wireless Charger (£50)
RIGHT: IKEA PS 2014 Mirror (£25)

Lots of Love Alex x

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