4ish Month Update

This is a little, okay a lot late. Sorry! My internet was so rubbish but we have super duper broadband now.



Milo is such a cheeky chappy these days. He smiles all the time and he even laughs now! I imagine the feeling i get when I hear him laugh is similar to what people would feel if they heard angels singing. He kicks his leg and squeals a lot when he gets excited, usually by a dot on the wall that we can’t see but whatever keeps him happy. He is totally crazy now, loves bouncing in his jumperoo and being naked. Also he is THE CUTEST EVER AND I LOVE HIM SO MUCH (not biased).



He was weighed on Wednesday and he is now a hefty 16lb 9oz! He feels like a ten ton weight and I am definitely struggling to hold him as much. He has about 3 chins and the cutest, chubbiest, chunkiest legs.


Like and dislikes:

Milo has turned into a massive daddys boy. He is obsessed with Ash, as soon as he walks in the room Milo’s cute little face just lights up and he gives him the biggest smiles. We went to the lake district yesterday and Ash had him strapped to his front in the baby carrier it was the cutest. Milo is able to be away from me for a little longer now as he doesn’t feed as much so its nice to see daddy & son getting a bit more bonding time.

Milo loves toys a lot more this month, well not always toys just anything you put in front of him even water bottles. He wants to grab everything and put it in his mouth especially his hands and thumb! He has also found he toes and loves to hold them all day long, they are getting closer and closer to his mouth. I love that hes starting to explore the world a little more, it is like he is a proper little person and getting some independence.

He loves to be naked. Every time I try and get his clothes on he kicks of big time and its pretty funny to watch.



This is a big one. Milo used to do a 4 hour stretch at the start of the night but that is totally out the window, he only falls asleep on the boob but it takes him forever and wakes up probably every hour at the moment so he has been sleeping in our bed (don’t judge me, its how i get sleep). I decided something drastic needed to be done so we tried sleep training, 3 times to be exact and it has been torture. I decided that I have to get us into a good routine and then i will try again, so I have a plan:

  • Week One: Boob him to sleep for 6.30pm in our bed as usual.
  • Week Two: Boob him to sleep and then put him in cot.
  • Week Three: Put him in the cot sleepy but awake.
  • Week Four: Put him in the cot awake and hope to god he falls asleep on his own eventually.

If this fails then step 5 is to have a mental breakdown and run away. This is why I haven’t been on the Blog much lately, every time I have a spare minute I try and clean the house of maybe nap.


New Skills:

Milo has rolled over on his own and sat up on his own this month. It’s amazing how proud you are when they learn something which seems so grown up! I suddenly see him running off to school! 


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