I’m Struggling…

I will be honest with you up until the past month I have had it pretty easy. We were living in a new born bubble and I felt good, my baby boy was perfect and my family was complete. The present is a completely different situation, Milo does not sleep. EVER.

I used to feed him to sleep and I was okay with that but it just stopped working and now he wakes every half an hour just to have a little moan that he is tired and fanny around for a while then he goes back for his half an hour of sleep. I am exhausted. I am defeated. I am hanging on for dear life. While Ash was away I tried to do some sleep training and he fought it. Man did he fight it, i tried to get him to sleep at 7pm and he finally went down at 1am for just under 3 hours. How can a baby go that long without sleeps? He only naps for just over an hour during the day that is in the car or the pram he still wakes up after 30 minutes.

I am all out of ideas or solutions, Ash tries to help in the night but Milo just wants me. What am I supposed to do when I am so close to snapping at 3am and I cant go anywhere, I can’t cool off and I can’t calm down? I love him don’t get me wrong, I love him more than anything in the whole world but I NEED SLEEP! I go back to uni next month and I am freaking the fuck out. How will i ever get any assignments or housework done when he will only sleep on me and I can’t put him down during the day? How will my brain function on broken sleep night after night, year after year.

Send Help.


God I hope everyone is right when they say there is a light at the end of he tunnel.


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  1. Welcome to the 4 month sleep regression! It sucks.
    I was completely the same with Athena, happily living in a newborn haze with the most easy going bub around then BAM.
    Only thing I can say to try and make you a tad hopeful is that it GENUINELY DOES GO AWAY…don’t get me wrong your easy going baby is about to get a heck of a lot less easy going, but it’s also going to become so much more fun, and the sleeping issues will subside (only to resurface now and then, but nothing as bad as the 4 month regression…well 4 months later and I haven’t had anything that bad again *and I literally had about 3 weeks straight of ZERO sleep* I was in tears half the time and then chaotic the rest) …you aren’t alone, and keep ranting about it, it might help you stay calm – I’d send love, but I think caffeine is more appropriate!! xxx


  2. Oh bless you. This is awful, and you are exhausted, but it will pass. I was in the same situation with Ava, and we did sleep training. Perhaps contact a local sleep trainer? Where abouts are you? xx


  3. It’s shit, isn’t it? We hit this ridiculous stage, too, and the only solution was bedsharing. My son just wanted to be beside me. I had to hold him for all his (shitty 45-minute) naps as well until he was nearly a year old. Hang in there x


  4. Also, we had to rock him to sleep four times a day – naps and nighttime; sometimes we rocked him for longer than he slept. I hated it. However, it made me toned and fit as hell! So there’s a slight upside…


  5. Oh Alex… Jack is only 2 months and is sort of sleeping okay now… but only with me in bed and I can’t see that changing any time soon. I really hope that it gets better for you soon. XXX


  6. I had had FOUR non sleepers. In fact I have two year old twins who still dont sleep well. You will get used to running on no sleep. Your body will adjust to this new pain and torture. When you need to – walk away. He is safe, he is fine, if you are on the edge- he will be even more on the edge. Call someone in the day to watch him and take a nap- hide. I have a list of hysterical books I read in the middle of the night that made me giggle when I really didnt feel like it. I can send the titles over. You can also come read my blog in the middle of the night http://www.fourprincessesandthecheese.com where I rant about life and excel at average parenting.



  7. There isn’t much more I can say than everyone else has already said! It sounds like you are definitely suffering from a period of sleep regression. Your little one is just changing his cycles and trying to adjust. Trying to respond to his needs as best you can is all you can try – it sounds like you are already doing that! It’s so hard when you are running on empty and just need a few solid hours. If you can get someone to come and watch him for a bit so you can rest, that will certainly help. Even if you can’t sleep, just taking a super relaxing bath with help your body recover. But your body will start to adjust to getting little sleep. My 19 month old still wakes up about 50% of nights but I just stagger in a deal with her then stagger back to bed.

    I hope things improve soon. I really feel for you – this is a tough period but it will get better soon. Then it might get worse again but you’ll survive that phase too. I’m sure you’ll cope with Uni. Your body will adapt but just don’t expect it to do anymore than it needs and cut yourself some slack. Sending good sleep vibes your way xxx



  8. My boy was the same and I completely feel your pain. I don’t have anything helpful to offer you other than you will just get used to it. I know that sucks and it’s not what you want to hear but it’s the truth. I just about functioned for the first five years of Zak’s life. I’m so sorry to hear you’re struggling though and I really do feel your pain. Drink lots of water – dehydration makes it so much worse for you. It might also just be a sleep regression phase – fingers crossed xx Thanks for joining us on #fortheloveofBLOG

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