6 Month Update

*Cries* My little baby bear is half a year old. Seriously though, where the bloody hell has that time gone? I can’t get over the fact that I have birth 6 months ago i still feel like it was last week or something.

Milo is such a cheeky little monkey, he has constant smiles for me & his daddy. I’ve noticed recently he is a little sceptical of other people, even our parents who he see’s every week. When they looked after him last week for us they said that when he woke up and realised that Ash & I weren’t around he screamed bloody murder for a while and it took ages to calm him down. My poor baby.

We are now on 3 meals a day, still all pureed food but I am going to star giving him smaller portions of our food first and maybe half a pureed pouch after to try and get him to eat a bit more. He isn’t overly interested in food, he is never excited for meal time or lunging for the spoon. I’ve tried so many different types of food but maybe he’s just not that hungry, who the hell knows?! These babies are funny little creatures, they love something one day and despise it the next.

We have been struggling with his belly at the moment as he can go a week or more without pooing since he started solids and he really, really struggles. We have been to the doctors about this twice but he just tells us to keep him hydrated with plenty of fluids which we really, really try to but that doesn’t help him when he’s in pain.

Milo just looks so grown up to me now, he can sit up on his own which is mind blowing considering a couple of months ago he couldn’t even hold his own head up really. He can roll over both ways now and it desperate to get on the move, i swear he will be walking before he is crawling. There is lots of babbling and screeching but we haven’t had any words yet even though ash repeats “dada” in his ear at any opportunity.

Finally people i am happy to report that he is so much better at sleeping these days! We decided to begin sleep training last week (I will be doing a post on all of this in the next week) and the first night he slept from 8pm – 3am fed and then went back down again until 9am. He has done this pretty much every night since apart from the past two because of his belly he wakes up really uncomfortable. Milo always naps & sleeps in his own room in his own cot which is so strange after co-sleeping for the majority of his 6 months. However, we feel so much better for it, we actually feel human. It is lovely to have a couple of hours to yourself to re-group and not be mum for a small section of the day. It has come at just the right time as I return to uni in 2 months!

See you soon. x

2 thoughts on “6 Month Update

  1. What a gorgeous little chap! Jack has in the last week started sleeping in his moses basket and although he is still in the same room as us it’s nice to have the bed back and to actually fall into a deep sleep… even if it’s only for 2 or 3 hours until he wakes up!


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