Our Sleeping “Routine”


So the last post that I wrote on the whole sleeping issue was; I’m Struggling… where I will be totally honest with you I was at breaking point. I spoke with Ash and we both decided that something needed to be done as there was no way that I could continue like that while I was at uni.

We decided to go down the sleep training path. I know that this is not for everyone and if you don’t agree with it then that is fine, everyone is entitled to their own opinion and everyone raises their children differently. I just want to let you know how we did it in case anyone else is curious.

Setting the Scene: 

We decided that we would begin sleep training when Milo was 6 months old. We wanted to do this in Milos nursery, in his cot, because if we succeeded the last thing we would want to do is unsettle him by changing where he sleeps.

To begin with a month before we started I began taking Milo into his nursery more often to let him explore and get used to the surroundings. Then the week before I slept in the nursery with him, just feeding him to sleep as usual. I have to tell you that blow up beds are not the future and there is no way anyone ever gets any sleep at all on them.


I have never had a strict routine with Milo, at the beginning I couldn’t put him on a schedule as i just breastfed him on demand. From around 4 months old I could see  a certain pattern with his sleeping, he was always tired around 2 hours after waking. I had got into the bad habit of feeding him to sleep which meant he was pretty much always on the boob so there was definitely no clear schedule with feeds.

I always tried to put Milo down at night between 6pm & 8pm depending on when he last napped, how long for & his mood. During the 4 month sleep regression he would always wake up ready to go at about 9pm and we would have to occupy him until he was ready to go back to sleep, usually at 11pm.

Our night time routine is: bath, massage, feed & cuddle.

After sleep training we still keep the routine pretty flexible but he seems to have got himself into a goof routine and he usually goes down between 6.30pm & 7pm.

We don’t have set times for his naps we just take him up when he starts to rub his eyes. As soon as he gives us the signal that he is tired one of us will go upstairs with him close the curtains, put on his cot mobile, which plays lullabies & projects stars onto the ceiling, and just cuddle and rock him until he calms down. Now that he is (almost) 7 months old he can stay awake a little longer between naps typically, he goes down 3 hours after he last woke up. At the moment he only naps for between 20-40 minutes so I don’t limit how many naps he has, sometimes he as three or four and some days he just has two!

Sleep Training:

I’m going to keep this part brief as I know some people don’t agree with this and I really don’t want to open myself up to criticism. We tried all the gentler methods first but this was the only thing that worked for us, the only thing that kept me from losing my shit.

So the first night we placed Milo in the cot and went back into the room intermittently. This is the timing schedule we followed:

On the first night Milo fell asleep 40mins after we placed him down in the cot and slept for 6hours, he fed and then i placed him back down in the cot and he slept for another 4 hours, he woke to feed again and then slept for a further 3 hours.

He cried for maybe 10 minutes max and then the rest of the time he was just talking away until he fell asleep. Now he falls asleep within 5 minutes of placing him in the cot. I won’t lie it isn’t like the first night every night but it is amazing that he can get himself back to sleep and my boobs don’t have a baby permanently attached during the night.

Obviously if Milo is having a bad week, like this week because he has a cold I give him extra cuddles and don’t leave him. You will know when your baby really needs you and when he is just soothing himself back to sleep.

If you want to ask any more questions please e-mail me, I like to help where I can.

See you Soon!

Love Alex.

9 thoughts on “Our Sleeping “Routine”

  1. I definitely think I’m going to need this soon, we’re hoping to get Logan into his own room in the next couple of days however I’m really struggling at the moment with no sleep and my mental health ain’t feeling so great at the moment so I hope this will definitely work for my sanity too 😂 I’m so glad it’s working for you and you’ve found a way to get that break. Do you find it helps that milo has more room in his cot so sleeps better? I have a feeling that’s what Logan’s problem is and he wakes himself up when his arms and legs scrape along the sides of his pod haha! Thank you so much for sharing xx


    1. I think that you can only go through with it if you are at the end of your patience. Nothing I did would settle Milo anymore so I knew that he needed to learn to settle himself 🙂
      If you think that it is time then I say go for it, just remember that it takes a week to break a bad habit and 2 weeks to make new ones. I don’t know if the cot makes any difference as i put a towel in the shape of a horseshoe in there to make him feel snug but he never moves much in his sleep so never woke himself up by doing that haha. xxxx


  2. Hi Alex, I just started doing the exact same routine. The first couple of nights were great slept for 6 hours like milo did. But now it’s slowly going back to waking up at every 2 1/2 hours! Is there a certain amount of hours you leave it until feeding him again? I never know when he’s just looking for comfort / help getting back to sleep or is genuinely hungry? Any advice would be great thanks. X


    1. Hello Natalie!
      Yeah we are going through this phase at the moment! I generally don’t feed unless it has been 4 hours since his last one.
      Also whenever he wakes up I don’t go in the room for 10 minutes to give him enough time to settle back to sleep. Most times he will fall back to sleep within this time but if not I offer food (if its time) or just pick him up for reassure him by rubbing his belly.
      I would say just judge it by his cries. If its just a mumble like one I would reassure him but leave him in the cot but if it is quite loud then pick him up for a quick cuddle maybe read a book or sing a song then place him back down when he’s calm again. Hope this helps! xx


  3. At 3 months Jack decided he didn’t really want to feed to sleep most of the time so now we turn the lights off when he starts grumping at about 7, put lullabies on a rock him to sleep. And then he’ll go in his Moses basket. I am not sure when I will be ready for him to go into his own room but it is nice to finally have him not in our bed. He still wakes up 2 or 3 times a night but he only feeds for about 20 minutes and then goes straight back into his basket. Not looking forward to the sleep regression though… eep!


    1. That is so good! I hope that carries on for you. Its hard making the leap to putting them in their own room but honestly it makes you feel so much better. I feel a bit more like Alex when I have the nights to myself and less like a full on mum 🙂 xx


  4. My son E.K. is 5 months old and is totally dependent on being nursed to sleep. He wakes every 2-3 hours through the night to nurse back to sleep since he doesn’t know how to put himself back to sleep. I’ve been such a scary hat about trying the cry-it-out method (even though our pediatrician strongly recommended it). I would like to train E.K. to go to sleep on his own.
    I’m going to give your timing schedule a try starting this weekend and see how it goes. We already do the eat, bath time, massage, book and then nursing.

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    1. It’s so hard the time that you’re going through. I remember when Milo was that age and I was so so so tired, stressed, worried and nervous. But honestly 5 months later and it’s totally different. It’s only a couple of times a month now he nurses to sleep in bed when he’s not well or his teeth are bothering him. Only try this when you feel ready because it is a really really hard week and if you’re not 100% it will really upset you. If you need any help/advice let me know. I hope it goes well for you and you get some sleep soon xxx


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