Homemade Christmas Eve Box

It almost Christmas, can you bloody believe it?

I’m so, so, so, SOOOO excited for Milo’s first Christmas. It’s going too be a bit different than other Christmases for me, I will be attempting making  Xmas dinner and of course it is our first as a family. The past two years usually Ash & I spent the morning together and then we would part ways spending dinner separately  with our families.

Both of us come from big families with separated parents so if we visited some people we would have to go to see everyone, it’s not fair to pick and choose, which would mean spending most of Christmas day in the car & how is Milo supposed to enjoy his new toys every year? We thought about alternating Christmases with out families but I think that it’s about time we started our own family traditions. We are going to stay at home, do things in our own time and do what we want to do and if anyone wants to come and see Milo open presents the door will be open!

I’m going to start our new Tyson family traditions on Christmas Eve with a Christmas Eve box. I never had one when I was a kid but I’ve seen them all over Instagram, Pinterest, Etsy & Facebook and I thought that they sounded amazing. If you don’t know what they are it’s just a box of treats that you give to your child to open on… you guessed it Christmas Eve. It’s kind of like an early present to get them excited for the next day.

The ones that I seen advertised were lovely but quite expensive, so I thought I’m going to make one of them myself and off we went to Hobbycraft.

Here is the before shot:

I bought this box for £10 and letters were £1 each, luckily for me I only needed 4. However, if your little one has a longer name they sell bigger letters so you could put their initials on.

I quite liked it the way it looked but Ash said he thought it would be better if it was more colourful. We decided to paint the whole box red and then the letters would be white on the top with black edges. For paint I just popped to B&Q to get the sample paint pots that they sell for around £1.99 I think. I made the mistake of getting two red pots but honestly one is more than enough to paint the whole box 3 times over.

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If you are really artistic you could probably save a bit more money and paint decorations on the top and sides but I am shockingly bad so I decided to decorate with stickers.

HERE is the page of all the Chirstmas stickers that Hobbycraft have which is where I got all mine from.

The one tip I would give you though is to glue the stickers down, I just stuck them on thinking that would be enough and the next morning they had all fallen off again so I had to go back and glue each one on individually. The box is supposed to last for a lifetime though so I suppose it is worth the extra hard work… only just though.

I’m not the best artist I will be honest with you so please don’t judge me for the messy paint work in parts I did my best.

Now for what to put in the inside. I am still waiting for the final bits and bobs to arrive but I wanted to give you some ideas & show you what I have so far.

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Milos’ Christmas Eve Box

I want to put in a new Christmas book every year for us to read on the night time. I was going to get a big classic book but Milo will only be 9 months old at the time so we went for “that’s not my elf” touchy-feely book.

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The Nice List Plate

The Nice List Plate sent us this beautiful personalised plate for Milo to put out for Santa on Christmas eve which we absolutely love. I like that it says Santa has to have a mince pie because when I was 7 my dad told me that Santa would prefer a packet of crisps & a beer instead…

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Personalised Christmas Bauble

Moments and Memories sent us some gorgeous personalised baubles for Milo, Ash & I and I thought that this would be a lovely tradition. Every year I will put a new decoration for Milo to put on the tree, build him up a lovely personalised collection. There is nothing better than putting up the tree and reminiscing while listening to Christmas songs.

What is extra special about these baubles is that a percentage of the cost is going directly to raise money for the friends of the baby unit in Derby. Read more about that HERE.

Other Ideas:

These are some other ideas of what you could put in your little ones boxes, we will be getting some of them but obviously Milo is a bit young to enjoy some of these this year but as the years go on I’m sure we will integrate them more.

Christmas PJS
Christmas Film
Hot Chocolate & Mug
Treats to eat while watching the film
Christmas Themed Soft Toy
Nice List Certificate from  Santa
Mug for Santa’s Milk
Christmas Stocking
Reindeer Food
Key for Santa

I hope that this was helpful and if you have any other ideas for Christmas Eve Boxes or fillers please leave them in the comments below.

See the whole campaign here:


Lots of Love Alex x

This post was inspired by the  Satsuma Savvy Christmas Campaign

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    1. Those were the smallest ones I could see but they did loads of different types, made out of felt & wood or mdf. Plus the hobbycraft here is only a small one so worth having a look at the one near you as they had loads of options!☺️ xxx


  1. That is so lovely. I want to make one for Jack for next year. I think he’s a little small this year. I love the Elf book. We have a Christmas meal with friends on Saturday with a secret Santa. There are 3 babies and Jack got that book for the little girl whose name he drew.


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