10 Month Update

Honestly, I can’t even cope. How is my baby going to be one?! It’s not allowed, I think I might ban him from getting any older. I think that is definately the way to go. Anyway, it’s been a while since I did one of these. I’m sorry I’ve been a bit flakey with Blog posts lately, uni is keeping me super busy! Once I finish though don’t you worry lots of posts will be coming your way, Ash & I have decided that I won’t be going back to work straight away and he is encouraging me to put all my time and effort into then Blog so I’m excited to see how that will go (isn’t he a good egg?!).

So since the last update Milo has come on leaps and bounds. His favourite word is “dada”. Everywhere we go all you hear is “dadadadada” he doesn’t even attempt a mama, when I say it to him he just laughs and shouts “daaaaaaaad” in my face. As you can probably tell he is quite a handful, hands down the cheekiest baby I have ever met in my life. He wants to do everything he’s not supposed to. 

His favourite things are banging his wooden spoon (fave toy) off the telly. Standing up on the fireplace. Emptying things really aggressively and playing peekaboo. This kid loves peekaboo, he is in hysterics every single time. He laughs and smiles all day long, he brings me so much joy I can’t even begin to explain or my heart will burst with love.

Milo can crawl at the speed of lifting and he loves to stand up and walk around the furniture, he hasn’t quite mastered or even attempted to walk along just holding our hands, but I’m sure in a couple of months he will be running away from us everywhere we go. He already tries to make a break up the stairs at any opportunity giving us a backwards glance and laughing his way up the next steps. 

He is doing really well with his eating at the minute and his favourite foods are mashed potato, carrot sticks & yoghurts. You can feed him a three course meal and as soon as we sit down to have ours he hovers around until he gets something, he will eat pretty much anything you put in front of him. The other day I found him about to eat some paper, I have no idea where the paper came from I can never find anything to write on!

What else can he do? Hmmmm. Oh he is so good at waving and clapping his hands. He has a few waves. All equally cute. With people he hasn’t seen for a while he kind of stretches out his hand in front of their face and let them touch him, only for a second though. And then with me & Ash he does this big wave with his whole body and sometimes both hands. Everything he does cracks me up though. I think that’s a mum thing.

Sometimes he also cuddles us. Not very often mind you really have to work for one but when he truly hugs you it makes every sleepless night worth it and more.

Anyway i had better get some sleep, it’s 1.30am whoops but I just wanted to put together a quick update and let you know what was going on. See you soon.

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  1. What a lovely update! I do / did monthly updates for my boy too, but I’m soo irregular!! Our boys are possibly born in the same month? March 2016?

    Saw u on Instagram and thought i’d check out your blog!! Hello from Germany!


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