For a little while now Milo has become more and more difficult to entertain when we are out and about. Obviously going food shopping or visiting a relatives where he’s not allowed to touch anything is not fun at all. He’s also not too keen on entertaining himself, Milo loves all eyes to be on him at all times but I can’t blame him he is pretty damn funny and who wouldn’t want to witness that?

Anyway, in those moments where he gets a bit unsettled we have started using the Kidloland App. Some people may not approve of giving babies their phones but it is just part of society now and he loves it so I don’t give a crap. Obviously he is only young and doesn’t use it for long at all but I can’t tell you how many meltdowns it has saved us from in the middle of busy shops.

There are HUNDREDS of activities on here for kids of all ages. At the moment we usually only watch the nurser rhymes, old McDonald is his absolute fave. Even the nursery rhymes are interactive which I love. Milo has figured out that if he presses the animals when they pop up on the screen during the song they make certain noises and that like blows my mind. I couldn’t use a touchscreen phone until I was about 15 times his age.

Features of the App:

  • All your favourite Nursery Rhymes with over 90 age-old classics.
  • 100+ educational activities to build your child’s cognitive skills and hand-eye coordination.
  • Original educational songs for learning ABCs, Animals, Fruits, Vegetables and much more.
  • Loads of funny animations and sounds to keep your child entertained.
  • Thousands of surprises. Tap on animals and other characters and watch them come alive!
  • No advertisements. Designed specifically for 0-5 age group, hence very easy to use and child friendly.
  • Playlist feature to play any 25 songs one after another, uninterrupted.


You can have a 7 day free trial to see if you think it would be good for your kids and after that you can pay for a subscription but I think it is worth every penny. Before this I would be skeptical about paying for a children’s app but it has anything they will every need for years, and if it gives you five minutes peace for a hot cup of tea, isn’t that worth about 1 zillion pounds?

There is new content added every month ensuring there is always something new for the little ones.

There are no in app purchases to keep your mind and bank balance at ease.

Lastly, the no advertisements is my favourite. There is NOTHING worse than trying to entertain your kids quickly and you have to watch the most ANNOYING videos for about two minutes first. Two minutes is a lifetime in parent land, i’m talking to you, YOUtube.

I hope that you find this helpful and enjoy the app as much as we have been.

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    1. Milo is obsessed. Although he is now obsessed with presssing the home button on my phone so he turns it off and gives it back to me shouting TAAAAA to put it back on again. We do this for hours. Haha it’s draining xx


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