I’m going to get fit… Again

If you don’t follow me on Instagram then you might not know but I have finished Uni now. Forever. It’s in the past. Totally done. I make so many excuses over the past 10 months that I didn’t have time to make proper meals or work out because of how many essays I had to write, or Milo wouldn’t let me get into the kitchen long enough to put effort into a meal. However, I promised myself, and Ash, that once Uni was over with I would make sure we all eat better as a family and I would start (closes eyes as I write this) working out.

One of the biggest excuses I have used for ordering a take away is that we have nothing in and everything takes SO much effort to cook. Which is completely true as we have been living without a freezer for the past year and a half after ours packed in so there was no such thing as an easy meal. Today I ordered our new one and it arrives tomorrow and so I have decided that our new healthier lifestyle will begin on Monday.

I’m just about to sit down and make a meal plan before we go shopping this weekend and I hope that every week I will either share my meal plan with you or maybe do a ‘my week in food’ post. Then in a couple of weeks I’m going to start doing more exercise and keep you updated on what I’m going in that way of things too.

I wanted to put this out there in case anyone wanted to do this with me and we can make it a bit of a team effort. Let me know what kind of posts you would find helpful and interesting to read. If you have any nutrition or exercise questions then leave them below, I am blessed with a fiancé who is a Personal Trainer and always happy to help.

See you soon,

Love Alex x

P.S. I know getting fit and healthy isn’t always the most exciting thought but it is always an excuse to buy some cute work out clothes 😉