Baby Names We Love but Won’t be Using

Thank you so much to Lauren who challenged us to complete this tag. Lauren is currently pregnant and doing updates on her Blog which you can find here:

So when it came to baby names when I was pregnant Ash & I decided on our favourite for a boy and girl before we even entered our 20week scan. When she said that I was having a boy we knew he was going to be named Milo and thats what we referred to him  as for the rest of my pregnancy and when I met him he just seemed to suit it so much. I’m not going to disclose our girl name because maybe one day (in the very distant future) we might still use it. Anyway i’ll take you through some of the other names that we loved but probably won’t use.

Just a disclaimer that I LOVE these names and it might be really ridiculous reasons why we didn’t/won’t use them but these things come up when you’re naming a human!



I always said that my son was going to be called Bradley and I remember talking about it with Ash when I was first pregnant that we could be having a Bradley. For some reason when it came time to really think about it I had gone off it a little, I’m still not quite sure why now but it just didn’t feel right at the time.


I really liked this name but Ash knew a few people called Aaron and so that put him off. It’s not that they aren’t nice people but they weren’t close to him but he would still see them occasionally at football so it would of been a little awkward if we used this name.


I’m not sure why this didn’t get higher on the list at the time. I think Ash didn’t like it but I can’t quite remember the reasons why.


This was almost Milo’s name. When it came to choosing between Jackson and Milo we looked into the meanings and Milo means: ‘soldier or merciful‘ and Jackson means: ‘son of jack‘ and so that was the deciding factor for me.


This is a new one that I have added to the boy names list. I can’t quite recall where I seen this name but I thought Oh my goodness if we have another boy we need to call him Lloyd Tyson, how regal does that sound?! Anyway, Ash wasn’t keen so I doubt I will get to use this in the future.



This is the girl equivalent of Bradley, I adore this name and always said my little girl would be called Ella because it was my grandmothers name. Well, my nana’s name was Helen but EVERYONE called her Ella and I always wanted to use it. However, it has become quite popular recently and I like names which are a bit unique.


This was another one which I loved and Ash ruled out straight away, I’m pretty sure he said it reminded him of someone of the Rugrats?


I was listening to this random CD one day, it was 101 running songs (not that I ever run), and Lola’s Theme by The Shapeshifters came on and after that I put Lola in my girls name list, I think it is absolutely adorable.


You can probably see how we got this one… I was looking up the meaning of Lola and Lula popped up and I loved them both equally.


Anyone who was as obsessed with Gossip Girl as I was will understand this one. I absolutely adore Blake Lively too I think she is a goddess, but I must admit I would only use the name Blake for a boy (don’t hate me) and so this was an obvious addition to the list.

I hope you liked getting an insight into our name list and let me know if you were going to use any of these too and what changed your mind! I love to hear from you in the comments.

See you soon.


2 thoughts on “Baby Names We Love but Won’t be Using

  1. Our main contender vs Jack for a boy was Owen. I liked Hugh, Spencer and Rafe but Paul wasn’t having any of them and I actually can’t imagine Jack being anything but a Jack.

    For a girl we were considering Quinn, Rose and Margot. All of which I still like… if we ever have another one… probably not.

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    1. Ohhh i love the name Rafe! I’ve never heard it before but I think it is ace. Maybe you can work on Paul a bit more if you have a second baby haha.
      Your girl names are all gorgeous too, I thought it was so much easier to come up with girls names than boys. xxx


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