BoBo Buddies

A little while ago I was asked if we would like to try out a BoBo buddies backpack for Milo. We actually already had a monkey one which we bought a long time ago and I love it! Milo is an absolute savage when we are out in public and can’t be trusted to walk on his own because he gravitates towards anything dangerous. I always knew we would need reigns for him because he is such a free spirit but I was nervous about people giving us that judgy look and that’s when I found the BoBo buddies backpacks. They are so cute and we always get compliments on them and zero judgy looks! Plus it’s doubles up as a backpack so when we go to the shops I usually pop a few snacks, my keys, and money in the backpack. Got to make them work sometimes you know! Anyway, I completely reccomend getting one of these if you’re looking for reigns for your little one but also love the cute factor.


See you soon, Alex x

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